Christmas Craft Ideas & Handmade Gifts

These simple handmade gift tutorials will make any crafty person’s heart sing with joy! A firm festive favourite, oils and vinegars are a cinch to make for pals, especially if making in bulk. You can either re-gift the items you get, or use any gift certificates you receive to buy Christmas gifts. With winter sports season just around the corner, this gift is ideal for guys who love to ski or snowboard. Christmas party games book: Put together a book of Christmas party games that the giftee can play at their party. If you’re handy with Photoshop and have card-stock paper for your printer, you can make your own cards.

These personalized photo gift tags from Fireflies and Jelly Beans are so cool they might get more attention than the gift. If you knit or crochet, consider the many other possible gifts you could make that way, too. If you don’t want to adopt my extreme solution — skipping the holiday altogether (go ahead, call me Scrooge) — try some of these ideas for Christmas gifts that cost very little, or nothing at all. Christmas is the holiday of coziness and there’s nothing less cozy than cold feet. They’re something people might not buy for themselves and could just be the best gift they ever receive.

For example, make a card or certificate that is redeemable for four hours of yard work, a full-house cleaning or pet-sitting for an upcoming vacation. I think the traditional flapping bird looks just like a Christmas Dove, and its wonderful as the bird can flap its wings – so kids love it! This gift is a perfect Christmas gift for any family member who enjoys collecting those memorable moments. I hope this resource will help make your December a bit more relaxed, a lot less expensive, and still meaningful too. A bunch of us bloggers have gathered up some of the best handmade gifts out there.

This is a form of re-gifting, but one in which you’ll never have the embarrassment of the original giver recognizing the gift in another person’s home. For the book lover on your list, create this one of a kind stacked books table lamp with HGTV This would be a perfect gift for my college freshman niece. Make a broken crayon t-shirt with your kids: Use those broken crayons that kids have lying around to make a creative t-shirt for another kid! Moreover, it’s awesome to see a business owner with a Master’s in International Development!

It takes a lot of time but my older brothers family just recently moved and I think it would be a nice addition to his house to make them feel more at home. But don’t be boring about it; turn them into cute little reindeer so that the lucky receiver can still enjoy the holiday spirit while knocking back a cold one. If your recipient owns pets or livestock, you might be able to help out with such a gift. Using just an old t-shirt, and a pair of scissors, you can make this stylish multi-strand scarf within 10 minutes.

I love this collection of ideas and I’ve not only shared your post but I’ll be attempting a number of the projects myself. Make it: Adhere double-sided adhesive sheets to the back of canvas fabric and cut into desired label shape. Scrapbooks : Make a scrapbook for a close friend showing moments you’ve shared together. You have saved Christmas for me. I couldn’t afford to buy gifts this year, but I found several things I could make with things I had around the house, I love you.

Smart features also make it easier to watch content from online streaming services. We love to get Christmas cards in the mail, and these homemade photo ornaments from Fireflies and Jelly Beans are a great way to re-use them instead of throwing them away. You can either repeat the same image on each card or make a variant of it. You can even make your own envelopes to go with the set of cards if you’re really keen. From great gifts for the home to must-have accessories, these picks are sure to please.

A framed silhouette is a classic keepsake and makes a thoughtful Christmas, birthday or Mother’s Day gift. Write memories, stick photos or draw pictures of the person the gift is for on business card-sized pieces of card and pop them in a jar. More than anything I like seeing that there are so many amazing and creative gifts that can be made while saving money. Attach sequin-wrapped wooden beads to stud posts and chains from a jewelry-supply store for a flashy holiday gift.

This personalized calendar is an awesome way to display some of the recipient’s most memorable moments. Draw names, give one nice gift: Our family has done this some years where instead of buying 10 so-so gifts – often for $10-30 each, we’ll buy one nice gift for $50-100 for one family member. To make it really special, you could pre-load it with a digital album of photos of the two of you. MATERIAL CONNECTION DISCLOSURE: You should assume that this website has an affiliate relationship and/or another material connection to the persons or businesses mentioned in or linked to from this page and may receive commissions from purchases you make on subsequent web sites.

Put a premiere makeup line’s best-selling lipsticks together in one set and you get a gift every woman in your life would want. These cute jingle bell hair clips from Little Pink Monster are fun to make and even more fun to wear. Though these Gifts Kids Can Make focus a little on Christmas, they are also perfect for Mother’s Day Gifts or Birthday Gifts to family and friends.

Make a breakfast basket (syrup and pancake mix), a movie basket (popcorn, candy, and a movie rental coupon), or a gardening basket (a trowel, a gardening hat, and some packets of seeds). They’re meant to be a starting point to get you thinking about creative ways to give at Christmas. You can make loads of bars from one batch and wrap with twine, lace or vintage fabric to make gorgeous-looking presents.

Embellish plain mittens or gloves with pretty buttons to transform them into one of those unique handmade Christmas gifts that will be truly cherished. Colorful baker’s twine and papier-mache come together to create a too-cute monogrammed Christmas gift Embellish a flat wooden frame with varying widths of wrapped twine on opposite corners. I know most of you are probably thinking about gift ideas right now… and we all know how much people love a handmade gift. SariBari and Sak Saum rescue women out of oppression and employ th to make bags, clothes, and jewelry.

Bake in the oven for two hours or until dry and stiff, then let it cool afterwards overnight. Which is why we’ve come up with a list of sane homemade gifts that will allow you to actually enjoy the days leading up to Christmas. Or if the boss chooses the same gift for all, it has varying value to the recipients, but if the boss chooses a meaningful gift for each person, it emphasizes his or her rapport and lack of rapport with various employees.

This works well on a pack of cards Simply write out 52 reasons why you love that person, and stick one on each playing card. Thankfully for you, we’ve put together the ultimate holiday gift guide with all the unique Christmas gifts the women in your life are sure to love. Make identifying tags from twine and cardstock; an unused guest check transforms into an adorable recipe instructions sheet. Nerf guns are another classic gift idea, but this particular gun takes advantage of the recent zombie trend. Pair Chocolate-Caramel Pecan Clusters with quick and easy Salted Peanut Squares for the nut lovers on your holiday list.

Gifts for your green fingered friends are really difficult to find, here we have collected 10 ideas that are inspired by the garden that any gardener will be pleased to receive. If rent or other expenses have to take priority this year, you might need to cut back on your gift expenditures. Textured white paper, if you have any, makes a gorgeous bird, though as it is white, you can just as easily make it with printer/office paper. Recipe gift pack: Give the gift of several of your favorite recipes, and a gift card to a local grocery store.

On Christmas Eve, put it in the garden somewhere visible from inside the house. To make mini-loaf bread packaging as shown, click on the link below for a free template and instructions. Money, time off, gift card to a place that sells general merchandise (Target), a note of appreciation, in that order. Hundreds of people have made and customised gifts for their friends and family with Sugru. Make gourmet candy apples Buy a bag of apples, preferably Red Delicious or Granny Smith apples, as they work best for this project.

This part of the guide includes hot gifts like movie box sets, smart home innovations, luxury beauty products, kitchen appliances, and much more. Keep your friends and family warm this holiday season by surprising each of them with a pair of cozy handmade slippers. Sure, play dough isn’t all that expensive, but if you make it yourself then you know exactly what goes in it (so that it’s safe and non-toxic). Host a party: Instead of giving gifts to a large group of friends, invite them over for a Christmas party that you host.

This is a great gift for families as you can give each person an individual mug. Lastly, make and print a homemade label for the front of the bottle and tie festive ribbon round the neck. Add holiday color to the coconut topper by tossing coconut with liquid food coloring. In a matter of a few clicks you’ll have done all your Christmas Shopping without queueing, fretting or spending too much.