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What group A delight they are to That’s because wood lathe tool rest base apiece joyride The toolrest is designed to work with. Weight: A heavier lathe will usually be more stable and will not need additional sandbags or weights to keep it in place. Some manufacturers, such as Oneway, Hegner, Delta & Teknatool offer a shorter (usually 6 inch) version of their standard tool rest as an option. In the Fall of 2001 BestWoodTools BWT introduced a new pin rest available in either a 6 inch or 9 inch length. Already owning a BWT adjustable bowl rest system (see Part II of this review for description), I inquired if a single straight tool support bar could be made up to fit in the adjustable mount, and drilled for two pin positions.

Little Machine Shop doesn’t have it, Delta’s website is no help, and I can’t find a site for Jet replacement parts either (since they are pretty much the same lathe). Unlike the straight tool support bars in this system, which have a hardened rod along the top, the tool support bar of the Woodcraft bowl rest is made of just one vertically oriented flat piece of solid steel with a large round bulge at one end where the tool post attaches.

The cast-iron base makes it a heavy-duty machine that produces little vibration even when the lathe is moving at its highest speeds. These machines are designed to operate at various speeds to produce certain effects or to shape wood quicker. Solid wood turning lathe with stand, 4 speeds, tool rest, extra face plates, set of 8 Marple chisels and a few extra pieces. This tool rest is very highly regarded by those I have talked with who own one, and none has been willing to part with his.

This will surely be impractical for some, but for those who can, this in my opinion is the state of the art in a combined pin / gated tool rest. The BWT Adjustable Pin Rest is available as a special order option with two holes drilled to accept the Phil Iron’s plastic gates, or similar ones you can make up yourself from Delrin rod and a clevis pin. Wood lathes are usually spindle types or faceplate turners depending upon the type of wood piece used and the preferred final product. Indeed, any pin rest which uses drilled holes (as opposed to welded on rods), can be modified into a gated tool rest.

The bend in the tool support plate provides comfortable support to the hand, while allowing the hand, as well as the tool, to rest close to the surface being turned. Despite now having a tool named after him, he is known for being the anti mass produced tool dude. Googling for ‘long lathe tool rest’ brought up an article by ‘Tim Manney – Chairmaker’ who made a long wooden tool rest for turning chair parts. You will need to remove the sharp arris on skew chisels to prevent the wood being cut up too badly (necessary for steel rests too), and may have to plane or sand the top smooth from time to time.

Frankly, I don’t believe you can achieve full performance from a Proforme, Exocet, or Big Brother without this, the BWT, or a similar pin/gated tool rest. The BestWoodTools system includes nearly 30 different post configurations (nicely labeled for the lathe they fit), and if one of them doesn’t fit your lathe you can contact them and they will make a custom sized post for you. This rest has its tool post located at the end of the straight leg of the J. As can be gathered from these dimensions, both these rests are intended for use on medium to large bowls. You do not control the depth of cut by how far you move the tool forward and back.

This lock could serve a dual purpose locking the tool support angle and position as well as the base plate position. You probably want to plane” the wood after getting a nice cylindrical piece of wood by using the roughing gouge. Price: Wood lathes can be expensive, so those that are new to wood turning may not be prepared to invest in the most advanced models.

Unlike the other tool rests, these are manufactured from stainless steel with tool support bars made of flat 1/2 inch thick by 1.25 inch tall, vertically oriented stock with a slightly rounded top. Googling for ‘long lathe tool rest’ brought up an article by ‘Tim Manney – Chairmaker’ who made a long wooden tool rest for turning chair parts. I know the way I work a lathe, having to have a metal lathe tooling setup have to play catchup to my brain’s creativity would be incredibly frustrating.wood lathe tool rest holder

The unit also has a swivel head for outboard turning that is made easy with the tool rest extension. At that time, I also described my need for a longer tool rest, something in the order of 16 inches, rather than the usual 12. Reading that, James Johnson tossed me an e-mail, offering to make up a custom rest for me. With few words we set the specifications and a while later one heavy duty 16 inch rest arrived. Find the center of any round or square stock for lathe turning with a center finder tool.

If it is only to drill holes try mounting a piece of alloy in the tool holder with no packing and put the correct size drill in the main chuck and drill a hole through it. I haven’t included the secondary tool rests used for hollowing, as many are covered in my earlier Brief Review of Hollowing Tools and the large number of these rests now justifies a separate review of it’s own. Capacity: The distance between centers and the maximum swing account for the capacity of the lathe. Edit: Looking at the Jet web site, they do sell a tool rest holder assembly for $73.

LittleMachineShop has an adapter that fits the mini-lathe tool post, but I made a quick and dirty holder that attaches directly to the cross slide of my 9×20 metal lathe. Turning Clubs Stop by the American Association of Woodturners and check out your local chapter Joining a turning club is a great way to meet local turners, see demos and get wood for turning! However, my Jet Mini tool rest was inadequate and was replaced with a Woodcraft after-market tool rest.

What this has going for it is that the single point design allows for some horizontal stabilization of the tools, letting you lever the cutting point of some hollowing tools sideways into the wood. The plastic gates don’t mar tool shafts, are quiet, absorb some shock, and have held up to very rough use. Every woodworker knows that a scraper is a finishing tool that is used with either long grain or end grain. A great example of one chisel set is the Savannah HSS wood lathe chisel 8 piece set.