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We carry manufacturer approved replacement parts and accessories for 1081 Craftsman Saw models. The existing saw is still running but at such low RPM that it burns everything I cut on it. I would like to replace rather then repair it as I need more power anyways. So, I am sure that this motor cannot be wired to go another direction, it has 6 posts, and 2 capacitors (no relevance to operation) where the motor is wired to operate at high or low voltage. It’s just something for whatever you’re running thru the saw to get hung up on. I like to see the blade when I’m running it and I can’t with the guard on. I must have got lucky because my son-in-law also owns a grey Ridgid Table Saw, but he says my fence is different than his and mine is more accurate.

So I’d suggest checking back along the drive shaft toward the motor for anything that looks like a connection, and see if there’s a setscrew; if so, tighten that. The three parts that commonly fail are the capacitor(s), the centrifugal starting switch, and the windings. Inside the cover on motor where the wires hook up should be a drawing that shows if its wired 110 or 220 at motor how its hooked up on motor is how switch should be also hooked.

But there is also unnoticeable resins and chemicals and airborne particles that collect over time and inhibit the precision and accuracy of your tablesaw and interfere with motor operation. If you own a vintage Craftsman table saw, the extensive inventory of saws and saw parts available on eBay allows you to maintain this classic tool with relative ease. This is pretty easy to spot in a hand held tool as they usually smoke a lot and get hot when they do. It is usually most cost effective to simply pitch the whole tool if the motor burns out.

If it is wired for 220 volts and you have it plugged in to a 110 circuit, the motor will startup just fine although the speed will be slow, but as soon as you put a cutting load on it the motor will stall out. We have a 60-year old in the family and it performs with as much accuracy as ever, and that was before all of the insane safety equipment was required.craftsman table saw motor replacement

They went inside of this larger assembly that combines an MDF table top with an Accusquare rip fence to greatly increase the working surface of the tool. Making me think your 14 awg is too small for startup current when considering overcurrent protection device requirements for this motor. If you take the time to true the blade to the table slots, and true the fence to them as well, you can get good results from a Craftsman table saw. They are super cheap to buy to begin with, and that one looks about 20 years old. Vinegar and steel chemically react, so I leave the vinegar on the table for 30 minutes or so, scrub with the pad and wipe off the extra.

Or, it could be a simple problem of a stray sliver of wood jamming motor movement. If the tool is an imported cheap thing, don’t be surprised if the manufacturer can’t (or won’t) provide the replacement part. I have an old Sears Direct Drive Table Saw mounted to it’s original stand which I have used for about 8 years. True enough, although I suspect there’s more than a few reasons the SawStop guy first applied his invention to a table saw.

Sears Craftsman Table Saw Motor, taken from Sears 10”Table saw, Model 113.298240. It does have a regular 3 prong plug like a 110 should and a very heavy cord to the switch, then between the switch and the motor it has a male/female connection with a different configureation, like you’d see on the 220 plugs. It’s only a good saw for a beginner woodworker or maybe at a construction site. They work well enough on contractor saws for instance, but I wouldn’t put one in an enclosed cabinet type saw. The entire heavy motor case helps dissipate heat with fan blow air over the motor body. It could have been changed at some time if the motor is not original to the saw.

The general rule I go by is you need 3 times the gas motor to replace an electric motor. There are some cases when it is cost effective to repair a bad motor, but unfortunately there are also cases when not only the motor but the whole tool needs to be replaced. Say there is a 1 hp electric motor is on something, you will need a 3hp gas motor to take it’s place. Find best value and selection for your CRAFTSMAN TABLE SAW MOTOR MODEL RM871 search on eBay. Not sure of the model number but he say’s he had problems cutting hard woods until he re-wired his motor to run on 220. Alternatively, replace the Craftsman table saw motor to see if that fixes the problem.

A new replacement is probably $250 or so. keep that in mind before you go too crazy buying parts. The saw is more than a toy and some good work can be done on it, but there is no comparison to almost any other well known manufacturer’s contractors saw. His family owns a business that does motor repair and they often can clean the starter switch without opening the motor case.craftsman table saw motor replacement

I would call Sears and order an OEM replacement switch and or housing unless it is already a non OEM setup. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a motor shop that will rewind and rebuild the motor you already have. I have had this saw for a few years, and I am pleased with it. If you want to build custom cabinets, this is probably not your best bet, but for standard construction use, its great. I also replaced the bearings on my Craftsman table saw motor, but had no problems removing either of them.

Prior to that, I had a $100 Craftsman saw that my parents bought me. The cast aluminum top was so flexible, I found it impossible to accurately align the fence, blade, and miter gauge so I didn’t end up with burnt wood everytime I went to use it. I did some nice work with it, but felt I was better served with a better saw in the long run. If your motor has obvious vent holes in the end, you can try applying a shop vac to them to see if you can clean out the switch.

If you can find the actual model number on your saw (not 100) type it in instead, although the number above is representative of all of them. I cut four wood pieces on 45 degree angle and they flushed well, earlier I used miter saw in a lab, did not flush well, and the jigsaw gave irregular/zigzag cuts. Simon Leblanc started with a Delta contractor’s saw that was rusty inside and out.

It almost never makes sense to attempt to repair motors of this size as the cost of replacement is invariably lower than the cost of repair. Sometimes letting the motor rest and turning it off and on again is a simple solution, particularly if you were just doing some heavy or speedy sawing. Most stationary machines found in the small shop will have a single phase AC motor of from one to three horsepower. During the replacement process, clean all of the interior moving parts thoroughly to prevent any contamination of the new motor. When I turn it on, the blade turns (though it seems to lag the motor a bit) but when it makes contact with wood, it stops.

Before considering what may be wrong with the motor you should check out other reasons why the motor may not be working. After you have eliminated all the transmission” issues (belt, set-screws, etc.) consider the motor. On the inside: some saw dust, very little rust, an old belt and a pulley that is installed backwards. A typical woodworking shop has a considerable number of electric motor driven power tools.

If the saw is old and out of use you can run a higher chance of catching a piece of wood to the chest or worse, and put a new blade on it. Old saw is one thing, old blade is something entirely different. It’s an incredibly nice piece of equipment for what I paid for it. When I’m doing a project with it, I’m constantly amazed at just how precise/square the parts are when I’m done.

I saw this great Craftsman table saw on Craigslist without a motor that I was tempted to get. In addition: If the switch on the saw breaks both lines (some do) then it is all set up to work on 220. You can replace a gas motor with electric, just divide by 3. If you are running a 10hp gas motor, you can replace it with a 3.5hp electric motor. Miter slots are not standard 3/4 inch, so nothing aftermarket will fit this saw.