75 Fence Designs And Ideas (BACKYARD & FRONT YARD)

Terrific gallery of 75 fence designs and ideas for the backyard and front yard. This wider gapped white fence features two slat heights, with rounded tops, between slim dividing posts. While it’s not my first choice for fencing material, it doesn’t look terrible with the garden in front of it. First and foremost you need to remember that the wood colour is there to enhance the garden, not to make a feature of the fence. Another traditional picket fence design, this example featuring natural wood posts with angled tops. With some creative construction, a plastic fence can even be made to look attractive.

Fence installing / fitting can be arranged through our network of highly skilled fencing contractors. It’s true to say that wooden garden fence panels come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and styles. Wooden fences are the natural option, and in some situations may be the only acceptable one because listed buildings and local housing regulations may insist on wood (or steel or wrought iron fencing) in certain circumstances.

Brush a wood preservative into the posts around the base to help prevent rot at this vulnerable area. The main reason is that a wood fence can easily be shaped to give properties character and individuality. A light painted fence always the patterns to stand out, add a couple of climbing plants to finish the look. Fitting the garden fence posts properly in the first place makes a big difference.

If the garden fence is more than a year old and hasn’t been protected or treated in that time, applying wood preserver to the fence panels can offer up to 5 years protection from biological and insect attack. Anything that can be done to protect and extend the life of the timber and ultimately the integrity of the fence itself is a good way to protect your investment and ensure that it stays in tip top condition for much longer.

In addition to our range of softwood picket wooden fence panels, we also have supply the complimenting gates to accompany them. The offer excludes any items already reduced or on promotion and excludes skip hire, rubbish removal or garden clearance. So if you start with a pressure-treated or tantalised wooden fence panel the treatment is already in the wood and a water based wood colour will change the colour and appearance. Uunless it’s new, it will probably need a good scrub with a cleaner designed for garden wood, such as Ronseal Decking Cleaner & Reviver , to remove algae, dirt and moss.

Brightly colored fence features green layered wood upper section over blue brick-topped red concrete base, separated by beige pillars with blue stripes. If running a fence over flat ground, check that the post tops are level – use a spirit level on a straight edge between the post. Using special panel clips secured to the fence posts – these make it easier to remove/replace fence panels in future but the panel will have to be lifted up to remove it. Natural branch fence features entirely untreated wood, with bark remaining, for thick look with minimal gap.garden wood fence

Each of these fencing materials has advantages and disadvantages and these, along with budget, local building and planning regulations and climate, will influence your final choice of the perfect fence for you. Wood fencing typically costs more than wire but is considered more attractive by some people. This intricate, varied brick fence design in yellow tones is topped with flat red bricks and greenery. She kept looking at it up and down and couldn’t jump it. And though there are deer all around me, I’d never had deer damage in that garden.

I bordered my garden with paving stones last year, and I loved how just having a well defined border made it seem more under control. Dig your first fence post hole, ideally you need to dig the hole as tight to the size of the post as possible, leaving approx. Jewson can supply every type, from traditional New England picket fencing to formal spear-topped black ironwork, and every variety of lapboard panels with decorative capping, plus gates, trellises for an attractive touch and all fixings.

Where deer pressure is severe and losses cannot be tolerated (such as new fruit orchards), you can deter deer effectively with a 3-D electric fence. This design piggybacks on the idea of a 3-D fence, that’s mentioned in the article, but has the advantage of not creating a weird unmowable margin between the fences. Discover a peaceful, inspiring and friendly way to choose affordable garden furniture, great value sheds, cabins, pergolas, benches as well as tools, varnishes and fixings from our well stocked on site shops. To make sure the tops of all the posts are in line, use a pipe level or transparent garden hose filled the water.

Welded wire fencing is stiffer than woven wire and requires minimal stretching, so it is easier to install (and requires fewer deeply set, reinforced posts) compared to woven wire. We’re highlighting some of the best examples of multiple styles here, including wooden fence designs in a spectrum of colors and shapes, brick fence designs, unique garden fence designs , white picket fences and all manner of modern fence designs. Looking at the gallery of garden fences ideas you will find various designs, sizes and coatings which are a symbiosis of functionality and aesthetics.

If the plants are growing against the fence and quite large, you may have to wait until they die back at the end of the year to paint the fence properly. We provide two complete services: We can Supply & Fit your fence or Supply Only the materials you may require for your fence. Here are two ways to create a three-dimensional fence to keep them out of your garden.garden wood fence

From garden gates to edging, look no further than Homebase for all your stylish landscaping solutions. If a gate is sagging, straighten it with a turnbuckle support (Photo 5). Also coat the posts (Photo 6) where they emerge from the ground or concrete with a wood preservative. Installation is a simple matter of attaching them to metal posts with clips — no stretching required.

The first time around we replaced the posts with good quality, properly-preserved wooden fence posts, again set carefully in blocks of Postcrete. Gravel boards are placed beneath the fence panels and can be used to gain extra height for the fence, they also lift the timber panels off the ground so they are less likely to rot. This privacy fence features natural wood sandwiched between layers of brick fence posts matching the yellow hued home. Every single design here is a unique expression, highlighting the range of permutations that the humble fence has seen in recent times.

We have a small collection of useful step-by-step videos that will provide you with some great instructions and helpful tips for constructing your fence panels to build the perfect garden fencing. This super strong top of the range fence panel is constructed using nineteen 125mm wide featheredge boards, which are overlapped by approx 28mm and double nailed onto the 75mm x 32mm framing with 38mm zinc plated coil nails. New handmade 6ft long by 6 ft high wooden fencing panels for sale biding is for one but more is available. I woudn`t advise growing any food crops in a raised bed made with preserved wood.