Plans For Outdoor AND Indoor Hutches

Employment rabbit field hut plans to shape Free Plans To Build A Rabbit Hutch a interior for your furry friends. Some readers may have seen the slogan ‘A hutch is never enough’ as part of a worldwide campaign to raise awareness on the living conditions of domestic pet rabbits. Remember, the sun beating down on a hutch will heat it up like a oven, so even if your rabbit is not in the sun, they will overheat if their hutches have the sun beating down on them during the day. If you plan to allow you rabbit a life outside of the cage, choose one that offers a front door or a removable roof for easier access.

Always place runs onto concrete slabs to stop your rabbit digging a way out and to stop a predator digging his way in! Social Rabbit Housing – Rabbits are happier in social groups, at the minimum in a pair. I have never lost any rabbit in the winter other than the young kits that have been dragged out of the nest box when nursing. The wire on your rabbit’s hutch or run may be the only thing between it and attack from a fox or cat, so it is important that the. The housing must be robust, draught-proof, damp-proof, escape-proof and predator-proof, contain shady areas and be well ventilated (allow a free flow of air).

The straw you place in the hutch will help your pet rabbits stay nice and warm when it is really cold outside. I am able to keep him indoors or outdoors, and I just wanted to make sure he was as happy as a rabbit could possibly be with a hutch/cage! Remember if you house a male and female together it won’t be long til you have a lot more little rabbits. Not only will you be getting a unique design of great quality but you will also be helping your local tradesmen. There are a couple of different types of hutches that you can make for your rabbit(s).

Now, using two ‘door hinges’ (these are pretty cheap at any hardware store), attach the other frame with a wire bottom to the front of the hutch so that when it opens it will swing down. Small spaces are quickly fouled with urine and feces, which creates an unhealthy environment for the rabbit. By the same token, in an outdoor setting owners need to provide shade so that a hot July sun isn’t beating down on a doe or buck all day long. However, these plans are mainly for use as planning guides, and you should check with local authorities concerning building code and building permit requirements.

A dropping tray can save the rabbits from a predator’s attack, if you have used wire flooring instead of wood or concrete. First of all, a hutch us a small unit of solid construction used for housing a few animals on a backyard scale. Treated lumber will hold up better against the elements but use non-toxic or non treated lumber if the rabbit(s) can come in contact with it. Treated lumber can kill a rabbit if it chews on it and it will. These plans are easy to customize and come with all the photos and instructions you need to provide a safe and comfy home for your band of bunnies. He always wees in the litter box and mostly poohs either inside the litter box or hutch.

It is a rabbit hutch made with a length of 8 feet which frames are 2 x 4 this frames is made with wooden materials and nailed with mesh wire according to the size of it. Once you are done with the bottom frame, you can add side panels to the hutch. The roof should be sloping to allow rain run off and covered with roofing felt to keep the hutch watertight. Or add bits of wood to create a step effect and allow your rabbit to have more grip on the ramp.

Also decide beforehand what rooms are out of bounds and take precautions for this so your rabbit understands. This rabbit cage plan is good for indoor or outdoor rabbits and the materials are inexpensive, I spent about $35 the last time I made one (not including tools, which I already owned). Rabbit hutches are fairly easy to build and serve as excellent DIY projects to complete over the weekend. Rabbit wire can be purchased from most rabbit cage suppliers, and can be purchased in full rolls of 50′ to 100′ or can be cut to your specifications. So the hutch needs a waterproof covering and a well-crafted nest box, if one comes as part of the design.