Bookcases, Storage Shelves & Wall Mounted Shelves

For most spaces, the location will help you select the right unit to purchase, especially when it comes to style, material and size. In this space (from Nordic Bliss ), the bottom shelf is raised above the floor so that the floor itself is the bottom shelf, maximizing storage space on the lower shelves. Our final DIY garage storage solution was a simple ceiling suspended two tier shelving system that allowed us to reclaim garage floor space by storing seasonal items up and out of the to make wall mounted shelves

It would be perfect inside the back door to keep backpacks organized during the school year or you could find loads of other uses for it. We love that you can build it for less than $40 and in less than a day. The shelves are painted the same color as the walls so everything matches, and both felines and humans are happy. So far we have created a wood plank wall in our reading nook and a faux brick wall in our home gym When it came to the large wall in our home office above our new cabinets we knew we wanted to incorporate plants as part of the focal wall but we spent a lot of time racking on our brains on the best way to display them in this space.

For those who prefer traditional styling over everything else, we present the Gemelo wall shelf, which is a set of two compact shelves offering four compartments. While I had concocted many crazy schemes for hanging them securely, we opted for the most straight forward solution: screw straight through those suckers and right into the wall. We work hard to create content on this DIY home renovation blog so we ask that you only share one picture per post, a post summary and a credit link back to our original post.

That secondary storage space could be used for postcards, notebooks or anything that wouldn’t stand up well on a shelf without some support. We can’t wait to get settled in our new house in a new town and build some homemade pieces! No one will notice the difference, and the speakers will appear to float on the wall. Since I had previously used spray lacquer on the wood, the shelves were glossy in some parts (where we didn’t nail) and flat in others (where I used the stain pen). Plastic anchors are pushed into a hole drilled in the wall, when the screw is tightened the back of the anchor expands locking it to the wall.

Organize a child’s room stacking large, plastic crates or bins sideways to create durable shelving. What a great project, this gives me some inspiration for shelving above my pallet desk when I make it, fantastic job and thanks for the instructions. If you love DIY remodeling, however, and you’re always itching for that next project and hoping to learn a new skill or two while you’re at it, DIY shelving can be a major blessing thanks to a perfect combination of relative ease, low expense, project speedy-ness, and a chance at making a major WOW statement!

Pieces of heavy paper glued between the block and the shelf make the blocks removable. Then run a line of wood glue along the top of each strip and place the second panel on top. You might want to go with an entirely new design for your situation, however, since this design gains most of its strength from being attached to the wall. Here’s a shelving unit that would be perfect for a kitchen or even in a restaurant. Clamp a straightedge guide to the door and make a lengthwise cut using a 40-tooth carbide blade. If you decide to take on this project I highly recommend you download the printable PDF below to have with you during the build.

Because I did not want these shelves to be permanently mounted, I attached the horizontal wall framing member to the studs with 4 x 1/4-inch lag screws/washers (one screw per stud) and attached the outer vertical studs to the outer horizontal framing members with 4 x 1/4-inch machine bolts/washers (again, one bolt per stud). Pepperfry is one of the leading sources of high quality furniture that helps you buy wall shelves online in India.

A great example of multifunctional shelves is offered on Themerrythought The pegboard organizer featured here also has built-in shelves which are great for storing and displaying accessories. Unfortunately, there weren’t any studs where we needed them to be on the sides, so we found some heavy-duty wall anchors, each rated to hold up to 75 pounds. They’re absolutely perfect for the bathroom or any little nook that you may have where you need a little storage space. And in a multi-cat household, after all, a naked wall is crime against Catification!

If you have some staples sticking up, use a hammer to drill the staples flush into the wood. Read product information on an individual basis to see whether or not additional brackets have to be purchased with your wall shelving or ledges. Make sure you feel ridges on both sides of the blanks as you tighten each clamp, and again after all the clamps are tight. Not finishing” a wood surface is a little scary for me but I love the look it gives!how to make wall mounted shelves

Shelving with decorative mounting brackets are more rustic and can even border on utilitarian. In the top image, from Stadshem via Freshhome, wall-mounted shelves maximize storage space at the end of a hallway. This is made of white metal mounted to a wall shelf decorative, is the perfect design element kitchen or bathroom. Find wide range of wooden wall shelves, clocks & mirrors that suit your home decor.

The mounting system of this shelf (a hidden 2×4 on the wall inside the box) is smart and makes getting the shelf right where you want it a breeze. Once you have drilled into the wall, inject your hole with resin so that your shelves stay sturdy. Actually, you can make it for even less than that if you have a couple of pine or whitewood boards and some rope.

As you can see in the picture below, I also used the perpendicular wall for increased support. They sell a whole slew of gadgets to make woodworking projects easier, so I jumped at the chance to take them for a spin. Hailing from SKOGSTA, one of IKEA’s newer lines, is one seriously beautiful natural wall shelf. The reason you have to go up 24 1/2 inches to build a 21 inch space is because you have to account for the 1/2 inch plywood on top, and the 3 inch tall frame board.

He bought some heavy duty mounting hardware, sturdy L-brackets, and mounted several Billy bookcases from IKEA elevated off the floor. Create an eye-catching look by repurposing items from around the house for custom wall shelving. Guerilla Glue – I love Guerilla Glue but it has one major drawback – it expands which results in foam to be cut away and sometimes opens up an otherwise nice joint in the wood. Although the styling and design is highly simplistic, the quality mango wood and an elegant finish along with a popular design makes this one of the preferred wall shelves. I have a small pallet that will make a nice shelf … thanks for the inspiration.

Drill at the attaching points to the depth of the holes in the wall, ensuring that the drill stays square to the wood (Image 3). PLEASE NOTE: You may have to add extra supports to some of these shelves to make them safe for your cats to climb on. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for mounting the shelves securely. Given the length of the walls I was building my shelves on, I bought my wood in the 8 foot lengths. Quench its thirst with these circular wall shelves that, despite what its manufacturer’s name might lead you to believe, do not transform into IMAX theaters.

If you love wine, this attractive rustic wall mounted rack is the perfect solution for any decor. I love the Bedford Small Desk Set from Pottery Barn with the 2-cubby shelf for storage on one side and desk legs on the other. In order to make this absolutely hassle free, we will also pick up the product free of cost from your home. This means your routed out spaces need to match perfectly with where the brackets are mounted.

We’d also like this bookshelf here behind you — we’d like to get that off the floor as well. My shelves were about 21 inches deep so I was able to get two, 8 foot long pieces out of each sheet. You will also enjoy browsing through our selection to find unconventional patterns such as the Quote-Unquote wall shelf that lets store and highlight your current reads. If the wires show naturally against your wall, consider painting the wires and shelves to match the color of your walls. I cannot be held responsible for a failed project or an injury of any kind so proceed with caution and build at your own risk.