How To Refinish A Wood Table

There has always been controversy on when someone should refinish on old piece of furniture and when they should leave it be. Ever since then I have always had a project going, whether it be restoring an old house, keeping up with a new one, bringing old furniture back to life, or working with new wood. I thought antiques are those which are not only old but something which looks royal and feel like treasuring it. I’m glad you had at least some good results, but I really can’t advise on your white pieces, as I’m not an to refinish antique table

Also, if you’re hand stripping, you can work around the tooling and keep it intact, if the top is to be refinished in the same color, just by using a rag wet with the above formula wrapped around your finger, moving the rag often to expose a clean area of the rag. Now drag your furniture to the garage, or wherever you’re going to refinish it, and start cleaning. But unfortunately, many folks can’t tell the difference between old junk and a historically important piece.

Once you have scrubbed the entire section of the vanity with hand cleaner, wipe it off with a lint free cloth and use another cloth to buff it. If there was any original finish there to start with this treatment should restore the old finish. It can be very annoying when you get a water mark from a vase or drink on the surface of your antique furniture and to try to remove it is to firstly try our polish reviver that we sell on our website as this also removes most rings from water.

The cost for a professional refinisher is about the same for all types of refinish: $800 – $900. Once the piece is free of the old finish and has had time to dry, you’re ready to sand the wood. If you aren’t real keen on the color you can immediately wipe it off with mineral spirits or even layer another stain color on top of it. In other words, you can make adjustments to the color after it is applied. If you want the oil completely removed then firstly you will need to strip off the old finish using a good paint or polish stripper. When you apply your new stain, the old stuff is still in some of the grain and you will get a blotchy finish.

We are a small family of artisans and craftsmen who take the same time and attention to restore and preserve your family treasures as we would our own. When Cassity├é┬áinvited me to share my dining table tutorial I warned her I am not one of those bloggers who takes professional-like photographs of all my little projects after perfectly styling them! Key is making sure your paints are compatible – otherwise the paint you put on top will bubble and peel off.

If you have a piece of furniture with a serious amount of old sealer still on it, you may need to let the stain dry for two days to get it dry enough to apply the new sealer. Proper restoration and refinishing in these situations will actually increase the value of your antiques rather than decrease it. By using modern products, we are able to enhance the beauty of the wood grain with stains and finishes that penetrate into the wood. Have just bought two small old oval tables for the sun room that need a freshen-up. And if you don’t have any old clean tee shirts at home that you are willing to ruin, get some lint-free polishing cloths while you are there.

About the Author: Kay Davenport writes for Antique Furniture, her personal hobby blog focused on experiences related to antique furniture restoration. After some scrubbing and serious scraping I rinsed the table using a stiff bristled scrub brush and hot soapy water. If, on the other hand, the table has too many scratches, you should apply wood stain on the whole table. Jude has fond memories of when she was very young and she would sit in front of the dressing table mirror trying on her mother’s jewellery, as her mother sat nearby busy at her writing table.

I had to put on a 3rd Citristrip layer, wasting time, $$ and product to suck THAT back out of the wood. Others, like oak and mahogany, have an open grain structure that must be filled if you hope to achieve a smooth, even finish. The oil based blocks tannins, doesn’t raise the grain, and blocks those terrible old furniture smells! Once you’ve cleaned it, use some stain (in a similar color) and start brushing it over the wood. Thank you for addressing what to do if you’re not working with real wood furniture!

Once all the old paint is removed from the vintage metal glider furniture we start off with a powdercoat primer. I would just leave them to show the years of use adding to the character of your piece of antique furniture. I simply pointed at the original condition side and asked him what he would pay for the table if it looked like that. If you remember the large circular stain on #1, you’ll see why I did have to sand the top.

So, final steps of the project included painting the legs and sides of the table in a vanilla cream color, so warm and inviting. All of the furniture was old but only one (a relatively new metal chair) was previously painted all the others were old wood with stain/varnish so maybe no big deal but it made me think and was wondering what you have done for clean up/protection! On pieces of antique furniture it can be a good effect to have lit candles in a candelabra but this can cause the wax to drip onto the wood surface and leave bobbles of wax. Sometimes using an alcalide stain mix is the only way to get close to the old colors.