What Works And What Doesn’t

You can compost at home with one of many commercially available compost bins , but making your own compost bin is really easy. No ongoing effort is required, but plan on minimal to medium effort to turn the compost depending on your desire for speedy decomposition. Early on, back in the 1960’s, I made a compost bin of untreated SPF (that is Spruce, Fir, Pine) lumber that lasted 15 years and I have some bed surrounds made with untreated SPF lumber that are just now starting to fall apart after 18 years in contact with the soil.

First of all the top does not have a lock, so animals have had no problem getting in to my compost pile even when I put heavy objects on top. If the OP is still active on this forum I’d like to know what he/she did about the untreated wood as I am in a similar situation. Make sure that the distance between each post is the same, so that the wooden slats used at the front can be interchangeable with any of the bins. Holding a piece of wood on top of the timber, bang each piece into the ground; one in the centre and one on each side of the frame.

There is a huge amount of garden and kitchen waste which you can put into your compost bin. After standing up your last pallet, use the 4 pieces of rope to attach it to the corners of the second and third pallets. In use, the brilliance of this homemade compost bin design is that it is so easy when you go to turn the compost! Compost bins are best when covered, since too much rain will cool the compost and slow the composting process.compost bins wooden

NO: Bones, bread, cat litter, cling film, coal ash, cooked food (specialist systems only), crisp packets, dairy products, disposable nappies, dog poo, drink cans, drink cartons, foam packaging, glass, meat & fish scraps, plastic bags, plastic bottles, stones, tins & cans. This compost provides aeration and ventilation to the compost through the equally separated slats.

Check out the Composting Factsheets links on the left for details of how to build a wooden composter or to find out more about other ways to deal with organic food waste at home. Theses features make aerating your compost a breeze no matter what sort of gardener you are. I used pallets to construct a bin for cutoff wood scraps to help clean up my workshop, and constructed a workbench out of pallets stood on end with a four by eight sheet of plywood on top.

Prefabricated wood bins are generally easy to assemble, however, they do cost more than building your own (see below). It’s made from tough and durable plastic and with a 300 litre capacity it’s a good large size. When two thirds full of partially rotted and wet compost it is quite heavy to tumble. As a resident of San Francisco, it is easy to recycle, compost and dispose of your refuse from your single family home or apartment. This looks awesome, but one thing you want to be careful of with pallets is foreign insects.

When you buy a Leisure Season Wood Compost Bin online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. A wood and wire three-bin turning unit can be used to quickly compost large amounts of yard, garden and kitchen wastes. If this is so where you live, then a commercial grade composter is an excellent way to compost and deserves to be at the heart of your compost system. Give your compost a stir every other day, especially if you notice it not getting hot enough.

Better yet, rock the bin back and forth to loosen the compost inside, then pull the bin off and away to the side. Those who live in the city obviously don’t have this composting method as an option, but rural-dwellers can simply dump their grass clippings, wood chips from felled trees, autumn leaves, kitchen scraps, and more straight into a pile. The worm bin described below is another efficient way to compost, and it allows the worms to do most of the work.

After all, the contents inside the bin are going to rot – but you don’t want the container to decompose as well. Consider making one or two more identical bins so that you can have a turning unit. For an altogether different DIY method, support a drum, food barrel, or trash can on a wood frame with four casters and you have a spinning tumbler. You don’t need a base, just build the bin on level soil in a spot that will be easy to access when you need to fill and remove your compost.

Dual-batch compost tumblers which have two, smaller-volume tumblers side-by-side on the same stand. Yard trimmings, such as leaves, grass clippings, garden debris, and brush, make up over 20% of a typical household’s solid waste. Manufacturers of commercially made bins have generously cooperated with communities to provide such bins at bargain basement prices.

If you don’t find what you are looking for then please contact us with your requirements as we can offer a Bespoke service.There are a variety of accessories available all designed to improve the quality of the compost produced. For over 50 years, the Graph brand has represented high-quality plastic products. All our treated wood fence posts have a slightly greenish tinge altho less than those we bot years ago. Instead choose one where you can lift the whole bin off the compost when it is ready.

It can sit there and linger in your back yard and you may begin to make plans to will your compost to your grandchildren. Prop up the two walls parallel to one another and connect the back end of the bin with a perpendicular 2 x 6. As with the previous 2 x 6s, measure off from the bottom, drive in four nails, and space each one evenly. They range from compact plastic options , which are ideal for limited spaces, to innovative removable-slat wooden composters for easy wheelbarrow access. You may opt to put some plantings around the exterior base of your bin as well.compost bins wooden

Envirosponsible’s version of the rolling compost bin combines the best of the rotating compost bins with the simplicity of the trash can compost bin posted above. The bins are made of boards on three sides with gaps between them to provide ventilation and easily removed angled wooded slats at the front. You can use this compost on your garden to increase nutrients and improve soil texture. Use this as a plastic composter and when your compost is ready simply lift the whole bin over the top and dig away at the resulting pile of rich compost.

You simply lift off the top tier and set it on the ground next to the bin and start forking the compost over into it. As the pile gets lower in the original bin, you move over the next tier, and fork some more compost over, and then move the next tier, etc. Round posts can also be used, though they are harder to attach guides to at the front of the bins for the slats to fit in. It is possible to use timbers of a smaller diameter and height, but if you do you run the risk of the sides of the bins being pushed out by the sheer weight of the compost. One of the issues with manufactured bins is ease of access to turning the organic material.