Puttin’ On The Ritz (Picture Frame Molding!)

Have you ever had an amazing photo that you wanted to frame right away but it was an irregular size? If a photo must be matted, the frame size depends on the size of the mat board used. Rona – Must be hung directly onto a hook, nail or screw either by the edge of the frame or the metal fixings in the direction you’d like the frame to be positioned – horizontal or vertical. Remember to tell the framer to order the frame cut to fit, as frames are cut with a 1/8-inch allowance to ensure the mat will drop into the frame. Brown tape for mounting and sealing the back of a frame ECO 15 Brown Frame Backing Tape 25mm x 50metres.

And since these are bigger and flimsier, I just kept my spacer sitting right on top of the chair rail so that I could set the frame right on top while making minor adjustments. Please note whilst we endeavour to show frame and mount colours and finishes as accurately as possible on our site there can be slight variations. If the frame only comes in one color, the menu will only contain that one option. Example: A mat board used to mount an 8×10 image in an 11×14 frame will have a mat external size of exactly 11×14 plus or minus 1/16 inch.

Step 7: Assemble Your Clamp: With your four frame pieces cut to final size, you’re ready to begin the glue-up process. Now this is going to form the base of our molding, our picture frame, if you will. I’m framing a set of stamps, (dorky, i know!) and they measure out to be 8 1/2″ x 4 1/2″ and there is no room on the edges for overlap, but i feel they will look better with matting. You can customise your frames to the precise measurements you wish, select the colour and effect you want, and even choose the exact mount style to suit your picture.

In the case of a picture frame, you will place the tape across the back of the frame (see image 8). If you have purchased a floater frame, you will place the tape across the front of the frame (see image 9). Please make sure your photo is well-lit, taken either in natural light or in a room with good lighting. Take special care when cleaning the surface of acrylic frames however, because they’re more easily scratched. The spacing between wall frames should be from 2¾ to 3½ inches, but the space above and below can be as much as 4 inches. To make life easier, cut out pieces of paper that exactly match all your frames.how to measure picture frame

It’s unlikely you’ll be hanging a piece of artwork at extreme heights or need to measure extremely wide walls, so a 12 or 15 ft tape should be more than adequate. After cutting your 45 degree miter corners the inside of the frame material will be the perfect dimension to fit your photo. As the majority of our work is hand joined by us in our workshop made to measure orders do typically take 5 to 7 working days before despatch.

I had gotten some ideas from other people on how their molding was spaced, so I used this measurement: 4 1/2 inches from the bottom of the chair rail and the same from the baseboard molding up. Then, I used 5” to space them apart, so came in from the doorframe about 5”. I would use that rule of measurement for the rest of the space too. After style & sizes are chosen, simply enter in the width & height of the work to be framed and our easy-step auto-calculation shows total moulding lengths and pricing including shipping before placing your order.

To prevent your picture from marring the wall and keep it hanging level, apply self-adhesive rubber bumpers to the bottom corners on the back of the frame before hanging. Measure the artwork again, making sure you follow the instructions in the first part of this guide. Cutting the frames was good, but you did not show how you measure the frame for the cut for the picture. Frames can be made of wood, plastic, metal, or even glass with small clips to hold the photo in place.

With an irregularly sized photo, matting can be a way to make the photo fit in a standard frame. When you look at the front of a frame and measure from outer edge to outer edge, of the frame this is an outside dimension. We need to take the length of the picture and add 3 for the left side of the frame and another 3 for the right side of the frame, like so. We offer a large range of ornate decorative swept picture frames which are available in standard imperial sizes. Measure from the angled cut of the rabbeted side of the molding and mark the cut length – calculated in Step 2 – with a pencil.

Frames can be ordered with Clear Glass – Non Reflective Glass or Art Screen Acrylic. The long entryway wall, where I used several picture frames in a row, also required a bit of math. Our picture frames also come in unusual sizes and designs which you can’t find on the high street shops. Keep in mind that the frame will always be a little smaller than your actual image.

I’m not down on framing shops – everybody has to make a living – but I was shocked to discover I couldn’t afford more than a fraction of the number of frames I wanted. Picture mounts also add an extra layer of protection to your picture, by preventing it from touching the frame glazing. Double the mat width you have decided on and add this to the picture length and width.

Another option for hanging would be to add a hook, which can then be placed on a nail in the intended wall. Once you’ve determined the overall size of any one of the components, you’ve discovered the frame size. The framer may make your frame approximately 1/8″ larger than you ordered in width and height. The inside dimensions are now 23 ¾” x 27 ¾”, while the outside dimensions are 26 7/8” x 30 7/8”. Please refer to the moulding profile drawings on the wood and metal pages for more details.