Distress Paint With Vaseline!

Hi there and welcome back – I can’t believe the holidays are behind us and 2015 is here! We thought the Dark Walnut would help it relate to the bottom of the console (as well as some of the other dark woods in the room) while the Ebony would be a closer match the the gray pallet boards that originally inspired us. In reality, on a lot of the boards Sherry actually ended up using a layer of each color to achieve a tone somewhere in the middle so nothing looked too jarring.

I love the look of salvaged, driftwood, or greyed-stained wood and if I had money to buy all new furniture, I would acquire a few pieces of it. So when I was recently asked if I would like to try out a new product called, Driftwood Weathered Wood Finish , I was intrigued and said yes, thinking it may get me the look I want at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

I wanted to take some walnut husks and if they weren’t already brown and mushy, let them stand in some kind of container until they reached that stage and then make some sort of paste out of them and rub it or brush it on some wood, let it dry for a while and then rub it off with a cloth or perhaps some paint or laquer thinner and see what the effect was.

To create the appearance of termite holes, drive an awl into the wood by placing the sharp end of the tool on the wood and hitting the other end with a hammer Be careful not to hit the awl so hard that you split the wood; you only need to make small dents to create the desired effect. To bring texture to your mantel design, add strips of distressed wood in varying tones. While it is still wet, wipe some areas of the surface with paper towels to achieve an antiqued look.how to make wood look distressed

You can go with a lighter stain too… if you don’t want it to be such a dark rich color. But after one hour, the color went really dark, and almost looked like paint (really thick). I think those are typically the first things that go. So I’m taking a coarse-grit sandpaper on a sanding block – and just softening the edges a little bit. For a lighter wormhole effect, use a small screwdriver to puncture the same portion of the surface of the wood lightly.

But those wanting more coverage, you’ll be amazed at how much difference a second coat will make. The distressed look of this table does a really good job of complimenting the wood flooring in your home, but separating it at the same time. I’ve seen wood lighteners at Home Depot, but I don’t know how they work or what they’re made of. Sorry…we’re out of the realm of my so-called expertise now, but let me know what you find! An inspirational quote is displayed on a large sign with a distressed finish to give the living room a timeworn look.

The top coat will come off in places to give a worn look and show the under-color. It’s really a matter of finding compatible paints – ask your paint store experts for some advice! I have been finding that people are looking for a creative way to add furniture to their decor cheaply. Keeping an oxidizing solution around is an easy way to make the newly cut ends match the rest of the old wood. But I have never found any brand of spray paint in yellow that is worth a shite. Before we start talking about how to create shabby chic décor, let’s have a quick look at what you can transform and where to get it.

But I still wanted to test the other methods I came across so below you will see a video of the five different methods I used on 3 different types of wood – oak, pine and birch. She studied antiques, consulted an assortment of how-to books, and played around with paint and such, eventually honing her refinishing skills and garnering much fanfare. You can get wood pallets for free from local businesses around your area (check Craigslist).

So I was going to use what I had on hand and come up with something -dark walnut stain, chestnut stain, and white paint. I am far from an expert but I am kind of in love with this wish washed technique I used to make this picture frame. After about four months of this distressed white table, I decided I wanted it to look more like a driftwood finish. You can also make gouges in the surface with the screwdriver, nails, or a chain.

I love your furniture re-do and am going to do the exact” same thing on a bedroom suit and redecorate the room in a cottage chic style. Row House Nest is a DIY and lifestyle blog focused on how to find & make beautiful things in your home & life. Mark and I decided that we wanted our tabletop to have more of a time-worn look (rather than the look of Target circa 2007). The stain will turn the bright paint a nice antique cream color and in the areas where you sanded through the paint it will result in a deep color to reveal the wood grain underneath.

I love this and am considering using this method to turn an existing kitchen table into a barn wood table top”. I would buy a piece of whatever kind of wood you’re planning to use (I like cedar because it’s already a little rough) and experiment on it to see what color you like. A narrow drill bit such as 1/16 inch creates faux worm holes in wood, emulating what sometimes happens to real wood when it is quite old. Present several options, make samples, and have the client sign off on them before you start work on the floor.