The Horse That Was Lost

We offer restored Lines antique rocking horses and restored Ayres rocking horses for sale. James Pingeon, whose house adjoins the parcel where the plastic horses roam, says the first one was placed there as part of a holiday display. Some, but not all, originals came with a vertical brace (on the back side) that helped support the horse in the rocking mode. Remnants of one wooden rocking horse lay in the center of the formation, while another charged toward it. The meaning wasn’t clear.

Guess I will have to hope that in the future we can find a ‘good home’ for Diablo and then we might have the space to buy a beautiful dappled grey horse with real rockers on it. We also welcome special carving commissions such as carousel horses and unicorns Please see our Carousel section for more pictures and information. Ah, so you did get your horse after all, and I too started out with a new one made by Collinson. We are passionate about all kinds of classic wooden rocking horses and restoring them.

Some of the horses that we have for sale may include – F H Ayres…G&J Lines…Lines Brothers…Leach…J R Smith…Baby Carriages…& Collinsons and Sons of Liverpool…to name a few, of the makers that manufactured rocking horses throughout the Victorian & Edwardian era. Congratulations on your bargain, your wooden rocking horse sounds gorgeous and I am sure your three year old will love it. Just make sure she keeps crayons, glue, felt tips and other children’s ‘playthings’ away from it so it remains immaculate in condition. Some antique rocking horses retain much originality, others may be extensively restored to the point of appearing new.

As with the other horse reproductions, the new tricycle horses have plastic eyes, rafia type tails and a carved mane rather than a real hair tail and mane. This classically designed rocking horse makes a timeless addition to your childs collection. If you are interested to buy an antique that you have seen on Sellingantiques, please contact the antique dealer directly using the contact details shown with the item. Small and medium horses can be supplied on bow style rockers, made from ash wood, if required. Toy horse in original paint, Sweden, circa 1860, with leather ears and horse hair tail.

Thank you Rocking horseless as a kid, we have similar problems with prices/rents here in Guernsey. It was close to my birthday, so I hinted pretty hard to my husband about how I would love to have that horse at the mall and how it was a really great deal but the hinting didn’t take, and the horse sold to someone else. Etsy shop, Friendly Toys offers this eco-friendly rocking toy, personalized however you’d like. This small vintage rocking horse is made of black wire metal and beautiful wood in brown finish.

Suppliers of traditional wooden handcarved rocking horses in small, medium and large sizes, leather bridle & saddle, real horse hair mane & tail, brass plaque. What I really wanted was a traditional dappled grey horse with a long flowing mane and tail, and on proper rockers as opposed to the ones on a wooden frame. Vibrant blue color of this rocking horse, accompanied with friendly and funny design makes this piece be really appealing to kids.

I have a wooden rocking horse that was my mother-in-laws since she was 5 years old she has just passed away at 80 years old. All of our Rocking Horses are hand finished in Great Britain, they are not made in China – as so many others are! Graver said the horses’ positions change frequently and unexpectedly, as if the plastic horses have moved or migrated of their own free will.

I just purchased a wooden rocking horse today at a yardsale for $3. It is about 18 inches tall and when I was leaving a lady approached me asking me to take $150 for it. I turned her down in the hopes it might actually be very valuable. The situation with what I call genuine antique horses is getting ridiculous…the greed of the sellers knows no bounds and they want vast profits. House is so tiny that there is no room for his rocking horse, but it at least is his house with no landlord.

Most rocking horses are still fully functional, in fact fully restored rocking horses usually can be used and simply have future restoration work to repair any wear and tear associated with use. Tjhe more ”ho hum” brands of English rocking horse, Patterson Edwards, Collinson, later FHAyres 1940’s horses and later ”sportiboy” Lines models are buyable for £250 up to £600. Legends also sell restored antique rocking horses by sought after makes such as F.H. Ayres and G&J Lines.antique wooden rocking horses for sale