Building A Rabbit Hutch

You can build a rabbit hutch that will weather any storm, or create a simple wooden frame covered in chicken wire for a quick and easy enclosure for your furry friend. This fantastic rabbit hutch is perfect for providing a great home for your rabbits outdoors while providing them with protection and shelter from the elements. In addition to the rabbit hutch plans shown, you’ll also find descriptive information to help you search the web for a particular product. You should be able to find the wiring at any of the rabbit cage suppliers online.

It can be difficult to get correct advice when you are getting a bunny – the Pet Shop, Garden Centre or Breeder may have told you that rabbits fight and need to be kept alone, and they may have stocked a basic range of hutches, so you bought what was there and believed that it was suitable. Put old blankets or carpets over the hutch and run, but under the tarpaulin for extra insulation. Rabbit hutches can be used for other small animals too like guinea pigs, ferrets (if the spacing between the wires is small enough) and other furry small animals. Provide them with proper ventilation; build the hutch tall so that predators do not reach your loving to make a bunny hutch

In cold climates, an outdoor cage is still an option, just pay close attention to ways to make life easier on that rabbit. I spoke to Marie and told her of my need to get the hutch as we were collecting our baby rabbits on the Saturday. But if you’re not lucky enough to a have a building and just want the hutch alone, here are some good notes to help. Most neutered rabbits can learn to use a litter tray and can make interesting and entertaining house pets.

If your rabbit urinates in the sleeping area, get a litter tray which fits inside the cardboard box, this will help by making it easier for you to clean out and it’ll make the box last longer. The typical domestic meat Rabbit breeds require roughly 9 cubic feet per animal (hutch 3’x2’x1′-6”). The waste in the hutch is cleaned up every day and the hutch is completely cleaned out every second day. Ideally once your rabbit is a better, take them to your vet but make sure you avoid any extra stressful situation if possible. Yesterday’s News is a recycled paper pellet litter that absorbs the smell of rabbit to make a bunny hutch

Mopsy’s residence was first located in a room with a wood floor, which meant that the condo didn’t need its own floor, just a covering like one suggested in step 9. Relocation to a carpeted room, however, quickly led to hay-cleaning realities that called for a more self-contained solution. You might like to look around your home for opportunities to create something ‘built-in’ taking advantage of a cupboard, space under the stairs, or alcove that could be adapting into rabbit housing.