Pretty Paper Fans. Rock N Roll Bride

Today’s gorgeous DIY tutorial was sent over by wedding planner and stylist Tiffany Grant-Riley I think these would look amazing as a ceremony backdrop or to hang from your wedding venue’s ceiling. Equipment Used: Black and orange heavyweight construction paper A4, wrapping paper, pen, scissors, ruler, cutter, bakers twine, awl, eraser, hot glue gun, hot glue sticks, baking paper, eraser, cutting mat, pattern. Lock the kids, (wife) and or animals out of the shop if you need to. and just as if you are in a car, dont get behind the wheel when you are drinking and dont think you can do it when you have been. While the paper wheels are sold as a complete system, I recommend their use after using a wet grinder or a belt sander to grind the initial bevels on a knife.

Tie a twist tie, or piece of curling ribbon or string around where the crease in the middle is tightly, but without wrinkling the paper. Bri, I have found that the blue poster hanging wall tack (a clay-like substance found at most craft stores) is working well for my pinwheels so far. Basically, with paper wheels you are drawing the temper where you need it most. Then at this point when your hands are charged with electromagnetic energy, you may place your hands around the psi wheel.

If you do you may have to eliminate some wobble when you put it back on. Hand turn the wheel and put a thin bead of Elmer’s white glue on the face of the wheel, then spread it with your finger until there is a thin layer. They are so pretty, I think they would make a neat permanent arrangement in a nursery, dining room, office, etc. Using larger wheels gives enough clearance to allow long knives to pass over the grinder body when sharpening.

The sharpening wheel is coated with a layer of 180 grit SiC powder which is in turn coated with hard wax, and the polishing wheel isn’t coated at all; with the system comes a little white block of white aluminium oxide powder (jewellers rouge) which you hold to the turning wheel for just a second before polishing. It will look like this when you unfold it. Repeat the same process by making two more of these (be sure to cut the same width of paper and make the same sized folds on each of them). You will sharpen many knives or tools before needing to re-surface the grit wheel.

This means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I may make a commission on that purchase. It may take you a little bit of practice to get them right, so it would be wise to play with some standard paper to start with. You’ll notice that the paper isn’t lined up perfectly (like it would be if I scored each fold in advance), but that is totally ok! Cast-iron railway wheels transmitted every imperfection on the track into the car above it. Early train rides were noisy adventures. Soon after, we find a growing use of papier-maché – of items made directly from paper pulp.

Materials; Colour printer, Adobe Reader (free download), Thick glossy photo card stock (I’ve used Canon 275gsm Photo Paper Plus Glossy II), Glitter paper, Ruler, Cutting board, X-acto knife, Pencil, Pen, Scissors, Glue, Mini craft brads (paper fasteners). Hold your hands around the psi wheel and let the energy flow out and envelope the whole apparatus, with a focus on the wheel itself.

I like to use a belt sander with different grit belts to set the bevel and then polish it, followed by a cardboard wheel loaded with tripoli and then a handstrop to remove the last of the burr. Feel your magnetic fields emitting from your hands encompassing the psi wheel in front of you, with great energies streaming out of the surface of your hands. The recipient simply has to rotate the top wheel to uncover the hidden message underneath! I would want to make them in all different sizes-I have a certain empty wall in my home that just might get decorated with these. You may round” the corners of the slotted wheel if you sharpen a lot of serrated knives.

I work as a studenthelp in a little copy shop in DK, and everytime I don’t have anything to do, I make your cool prints! As with buffing knife blades, if the edge is turned into the wheel as described as incorrect above, the blade can be caught and thrown at speed most certainly destroying the wheel, the knife and potentially causing injury and death. Washers get bent when a stone wheel is put on and the nut is tightened too tight. To find the angle, take a knife with the desired angle and lay it on the wheel flat.