Hand Carved Chesapeake Bay Style Decoys Pat Vincenti Havre De Grace Maryland

Jason Lucio, World Class Duck Decoys, Bird Carvings,Birds of Prey, Wildfowl Art & Wildlife Paintings This is an amazingly life-like Hen Ringneck Carving. We carry a selection of fine tools and paints, plus an extensive selection of carving and painting patterns and books. However, a beginner should be comfortable with the tools and know how to use them safely before they start. Paint shows some honest wear from gunning but heavier wear on right side of bird where decoy was left out in the weather for a while. You can use chisels, knives or whatever you have available to remove this wood. Twenty years of painting experience includes airbrushing and hand painted decoys.

Stretched neck goose, feathers individually shaped and etched, the decoy is stained, the glass eyes are implanted, it is painted in acrylics and sealed. My best advice is to search ebay completed auctions to see if you can find a similar decoy that has sold recently. This is a nice sized bird measuring approx 11 3/4 inches long and is a flattie type of carving approx 1 1/8 inches thick.

The 61-year-old has used plastic decoys before, but he said nothing mimics a live duck better than one that’s carved from wood. Both ducks have their individual feathers etched, the decoys are stained, the glass eyes implanted, are painted in acrylics and sealed. Truly a rare example of a classic and historic Susquehanna Flats decoy and finding an all original Redhead of this vintage is rare at any price.wood duck carvings

It has excellent original paint probably by Peter Ward who painted many of his decoys and also has the original metal keel common to these decoys. Our online store offers unique collection objects like wooden duck carvings, but also other wooden animals that please fauna enthusiasts. Sure to please any collector of top shelf quality examples of historic makers or Redhead decoy collectors. Nice classic Black Duck decoy by the late Charlie Bryan, Middle River, MD. Circa 1960’s, recently found rig that was purchased from Tochermans Sporting Goods in Baltimore. I have made a lot of decoys this way and have never had any trouble with any of them.

Now with the top and bottom layer, scoop out the wood without getting too close to the outside. Our tool selection is superb and our many patterns are what make us the number one leader in the carving industry. Hancock was a neat guy with a great history, lots written on him is available in most all decoy books about historic Virginia carvers. The decoy is approximately 10-15 years old and represents the rarest of the rare for Marty Hanson as Marty makes very few standing full bodied decoys.

Charlie was a great guy, made a great decoy and was very respected by anyone who ever met this fine man. Pair, Wood Ducks (10-1/2”x 4”x 5-1/4”)The Drake Wood Duck is one of the most colorful waterfowl creatures in the world. The fine brushes he uses to add verisimilitude to the wooden creations lie among jars of oils and pigments that will eventually lend his whittled foul an appearance that comes very close to the Biblical breath of life. Full size decorative McGaw decoys are seldom found on the resale market anymore & this is a superb decoy for any collector looking to add a very choice Upper Bay or McGaw bird to a collection.

There are an estimated 500-600 decoy duck carvers in the UK and they have their own association. Start by researching the species and breeds of waterfowl you want to carve by browsing books or online sources If you have access to a taxidermy mount, that’s the most ideal model to begin carving from. Wood burning, a technique to scorch detail onto the wood’s surface, is a meticulous process requiring intense concentration. Good looking old decoy for any collection of folk art or antique Long Island shorebirds. Native Americans were the earliest known makers of duck decoys, using reeds, grass, and rushes to construct lifelike replicas.

Reineri made decoys for many years & in many styles that were very popular with collectors. If you have any comments or questions about making a duck decoy, please leave them in the comments section below. Using the carbon paper, take the top view and transfer only the outline to the top of the wood block. Never been waxed and very nice surface with excellent scratch painting patterns.