How To Remove Dirt Build Up From Wooden Furniture

In the article Repair vs. Refinish , there are lists of problems that help you to classify the damage to the finish on your funiture. Also, for me personally, I like the texture” of wood grain…poly tends to have a plastic” look rather than allowing the texture of the wood to really shine! The only animal resin of importance in furniture coatings is shellac, or gum lac. Put a dab of both on a scrap of wood and create a range of colors by blending a bit of the two. I’ve painted plastic mirror frames, antique wood tables, varnished chairs, and on and on. It has amazing bonding qualities without the chemicals. Beck has been refinishing furniture for years and she is here to share with us her tried and true methods for restoring wood furniture back to its natural beauty — even the intricate carved pieces!

OLD ENGLISH® offers you a wide range of furniture care products to provide the protection and conditioning your furniture deserves for virtually any wood finish. The furniture piece should be buffed with a dry clean rag when the stain has been allowed to dry for the recommended time. Refinished wood pieces have their place in an active family home, and this process is fine to attempt on wood furniture that is not designated as an investment or family heirloom to savor. Once that hurdle has been cleared I could apply typical restoration techniques one would use in restoring old worn out or damaged furniture, with mostly sentimental value.

The best thing about redoing wood furniture is you can get an amazing look by re-staining the top. Of course, you can still seal the odor inside the wood with more varnish, shellac or paint, but it is still there ! If your furniture is made of solid wood, you can do a lot more sanding, and you should able to remove any old stain by sanding down to raw wood (in which case, invest in an electric sander). Btw, rescued a feral calico from our wood pile last year..she was abt 2 weeks old..we bottle fed her for a while, and now as a first generation domestic she keeps us smiling! Place a kitchen towel or an old shirt over the area, and place the hot iron over the towel.

Any paint stripper is going to take it back past the paint, i would recommend a manual approach using a filler knife, paint scraper or scotch pad to gently remove the paint from the surface of the wood. I finished up the base with 2 coats of Old Ochre Chalk Paint, a very slight distressing and Clear Wax. Now you can use an artist’s brush to create the grain (Photo 5). If the sheen of the patch doesn’t match the rest of the wood when the stain dries, you can recoat the entire surface with wipe-on finish to even it out.

You can remove old paint and varnish in a couple of different ways, primarily by sanding and through the use of chemical strippers. OLD ENGLISH® Oil products also conserve oils in fine antique furniture, help prevent cracking in older, lacquer finished surfaces, and condition open grain oil finished surfaces (such as Scandinavian furniture). If you discover missing veneer, chipped wood or a damaged molding, you can fix it easily with epoxy putty. There are several sources for animal waxes including sperm whales (spermaceti), fleece (lanolin), and oriental insects (Chinese wax and Lac wax), but in general the only animal wax of importance for coating furniture and other wooden objects is beeswax.

OLD ENGLISH® Oil products add a great shine to your wood and help protect it from everyday stains. Finding furniture on the street is not uncommon here, in fact, there’s a service to call for the city to come pick up big items like mattresses and tables. I purchased them at an auction and used ONLY oil and vinegar on them to clean them up and bring out the patina of the wood.

I’d also love to use some sort of wood restoring seal/topcoat to coat the cabinet (since it’s pretty dry and not really very glossy at all) – just to bring back even more luster. If the white paint is less than 25/30 years old you could use the Peelaway7 to remove it. This is a product that you apply and leave on for a 24 to 48 hour period. I think I cut my teeth on a block of wood and I literally learned to walk in a cabinet shop. An electric hot air gun removes paint in no time but can scorch the wood if you’re not careful. Apply OLD ENGLISH® Oil to your furniture and buff with a soft cloth until surface is dry and shiny.

I know this is a rather old post, but if there is an interest from some people (or from Lindsay) I will keep updating the results weekly. We actually had rented out a room to a student a couple of months ago and when she finally left the bedroom and every piece of furniture in it stank, we had to us it for our new baby who will be here any day now. First, even lesser-treasures have underlying value that may increase — but only if the wood finish is left in place.

He previously ran his antique restoration business in Brooklyn, N.Y.. His websites include and the new or you can e-mail him at Bill@. Often a family will have large numbers of old pieces of furniture to dispose of during estate liquidations. So far, it sounds like there are four (maybe five) commenter’s to this post who have professional backgrounds in furniture restoring: Dan Drabek; John Elliot; Ross Manning(?); Mark; Steve Nearman. Their stability, along with thermoplasticity, durability and specific solubilities, make acrylics, particularly methacrylates, the resin of choice for a wide range of restoration treatments.old wood furniture

Stripping the old finish off the ornate base might seem like a daunting task to most, but honestly, it is the same process whether the piece has a little or a lot of old finish…well, not exactly, but we will get to that! Interpreting, preserving, protecting and restoring finishes on historic furniture combine to form one goal within the larger framework of furniture care. OLD ENGLISH® offers a wide range of furniture care products that will bring out wood’s natural beauty.

Chemical strippers – commonly called paint strippers – are an effective means of removing paint and varnish from wood furniture or projects. Perhaps Kay can enlighten us on how to determine what kind of finish we are dealing with on an old piece of furniture. For an expensive antique or seriously damaged piece, you may want to consider consulting a professional furniture restorer before doing anything yourself. Now that your wood furniture is stripped and sanded, wipe the whole thing down with a damp cloth to remove dust and debris.old wood furniture