Why Can’t I Just Stop Cutting My Hair!!!

Did you know that 2,500 acres of rain forest are being destroyed every single hour? I’m 14 I’ve been cutting since I was 8 years old (I found out from older kids at school) the main reason I started cutting is because my dad was abusing me, he hit me and Called me names like worthless piece of shit”. If you’re the one who struggles mightily with self-injury, you may not know why you can’t simply stop. I struggled with trichotillomania, pulling out my hair until they were bald spots on my head, for a couple of years in elementary school.

They just feel everything so intensely and find it so difficult to address emotional discomfort.” Another point of discrepancy: while some doctors and psychologists believe that cutting is a chronic condition that cutters will have to struggle with their entire lives, others say that it’s a compulsion that is possible to fully recover from. Actually, near the end of last week I was starting to get real edgy about what I had done to my hair.how to stop cutting

I’m a 19 year old, and I have been cutting since I was 13, I always hid my cuts, untill oneday, I decided to sit down and tell my mom and dad, that I needed help ( I would have been 16 at the time) So I removed my sweater, revealing cuts and scars. Yes cutting hurts but it feels good to us. It makes some feel as if they are still alive and are nOt empty inside.how to stop cutting

In certain regions of southwest US, shrubs and trees have been encroaching on grassland The trees themselves enhance the loss of grass between tree canopies. I found out my 15 yr old had been cutting herself, she said she’s only done it a few times. Here, you will find methods and suggestions to stop self-injuring permanently, as well as more spur-of-the-moment suggestions. I think we should not cut down trees because it puts oxygen in the air so humans and animals could breath, animals need trees to provide a habitat for them to live, and trees make the world a beautiful place.

One way is for the wood to be harvested and turned into long-lived products, with new young trees replacing them. She made me tell her about it and she seemed really supportive and told me she was going to get me an appointment to see a psychologist about the cutting and my depression. If you’ve decided to stop self-injuring, you may think it’s an easy decision – it’s not. When using Silviculture practices correctly, the more trees we cut down, the more trees we get back in return by natural regeneration methods. A person can’t just stop cutting” until these other things are in place and are working.

I know parents who are actually embarassed when they find out their kids are doing this because they see cutting as a negative reflection of what they are doing as parents and somehow feel that they have let their kids down. We discover that Mattel, Hasbro, Lego and Disney are selling toys wrapped in packaging made from rainforest trees. If you’re ready to get help for cutting or self-harm, the first step is to confide in another person.

I would have done what ever it took to keep her from cutting even if I had to handcuff her to me to make sure that she didn’t do it again and I think that is what these kids want they want to know that we love them and care about them and will do whatever it takes to take care of them. Demonstrate your unconditional love to them by drawing attention to and desire to understand the emotions that they are trying to escape from by cutting. I have been cutting for a bit of time and no one has found out yet besides a very trusted friend.

Keep in mind that the worst thing you could do to a cutter is to shame them for cutting, this does nothing more than add fuel to the fire of why they are cutting in the first place. Rather than focusing on the cutting itself, focus on the cause of it. Let them know that when they feel like cutting that they can talk to you. The ball hitting her in the head, the spit in her chair, girl accidentally” hitting her in the head with a folder ect.

People who self-injure often find that cutting on themselves provides them with a means of managing very difficult and otherwise overwhelming emotions. Second, I could try to hire a kid to do it; but as we live out in the country, I would have to depend upon kids with cars, not exactly the type interest in cutting lawns. Those who cut usually start cutting in their young teens and continue to cut into adulthood.