Rendered Blue Board Fence

Before you start: The important thing for a high quality polymer/acrylic render job over your Blueboard or Harditex base sheet is to get your joints flat to provide a nice smooth surface for your finished coats! Using a steel trowel at approximately 45 degrees to the wall apply the Alfresco Medium Sand polymer/acrylic render, this enables you to be able to put it on quite tight, making sure you don’t put too much on. Put a hawk full of Alfresco Medium Sand polymer/acrylic render on the wall and then go back over it with an empty trowel, scraping off any access.

But……. im all about reducing my costs on every home renovation me and my partner to and the blueboard bills just kept going up. Gees sorry for trying to offer some help bud i have always used bondcrete when rendered although i havent ever rendered blueboard so apologises ITFEL!!!!!!!! Apply bagging render by trowel, sponge trowel or other traditional bagging methods.

I have built 2 x PPoR’s and both of them were two-storey, and both had poly-styrene with render for the top storey. I am looking at a recently-built two level property which has been externally constructed with a combination of bricks (level 1) and blueboard or polystyrene cladding (level 2) which has been rendered over. See The Irig Blueboard App On Ios In Action – Take Control Of Your Music Apps & More From The Floor! Granosite textures are acrylic finishes best applied over smooth substrates for maximum eye to render blueboard

Any tips would be much appreciated, if anyone can outline the process to get a render similar to the above image I would really appreciate it. Note that the AD-TEX Bagging Render must be applied at least 1.5 mm thick if sealing. Why do some builders use blueboard/concrete sheet as external wall now – isn’t that Cement sheeting / concrete sheeting can be used for both internal or external to be used as an external wall material, coated with an acrylic render.

NuPRIME (Anti-Slip) is an acrylic sealer with an ultra fine aggregate to help with adhesion when applying over the top. One of the previous owners had covered it with chicken wire & rendered it. There were places where the render was broken & the wood was rotting underneath. Best home render solution in the market blue board rendering needs to be done only by the best. In other words the bricks will move and the plaster won’t causing the render to simply ‘pop-off’ but still be in tact. Water ingress is when the external render is penetrated by water usually through cracks.

Access and use of the Service is subject to the Blueboard Privacy Policy available at /privacy and such policy is incorporated herein by this reference. Suitable for application over properly prepared substrates such as brick, block, ROCKCOTE render, concrete, fibre cement sheeting (blueboard), A.A.C. panels/blocks and plasterboard. If using any material other than brick on a first floor or higher it should have an acrylic render applied rather than just a sand and cement render because the acrylic render dries like a rubber like render which allows for movement with the building.

Drummy Render: In the beginning these cracks are relatively small and appear as hairline cracks. Dense concrete surfaces will require priming with Dunlop Primer and allow to dry for 30 minutes prior to the application of render. You can choose from a whole range of modern designs and materials for weatherboard, including aluminium, fibre-cement, metal, acrylic and vinyl (PVC). The theory is that the wall can move behind the mesh leaving the render on top in tact.

The manufacturer would recommend cleaning/removing as much of the previous flaking or loose paint because if it lifts it will take the render with it. A test patch is always recommended to test for adhesion. Apply one thin coat of coloured Alfresco Medium Sand polymer/acrylic render to the entire surface by working from left to right on the wall, if you are right handed and if you are left handed you will be best to work from the right to left. The most common mistake on blueboard is to neglect to install the right number of expansion joints.

Unitex® Polymer Render is supplied in 15 litre sealed pails and is drill mixed (Ribbon Blade) with 5-10% cement added immediately prior to its application. I just accepted that was the price we had to pay for blueboard like everybody else i thought blueboard was the only option for a strong water proof cladding for outside and inside. Tip: If these techniques are not giving you the definition you want in your finish, wait until the render becomes firmer and finish the surface again.

While it costs more, polymer modified cement render is said to adhere better than cement render and because it can come in a variety of colours, may save you the cost of painting. Unitex® Polymer Render is designed for use over FRC sheeting as a levelling preparation skim coat and is trowel applied prior to over coating with Texture from the Unitex Applied Finishes range. You, and not Blueboard or any of the Providers, are responsible determining whether you need to include your redemption of Rewards as additional income when you prepare your tax returns.

A acrylic/polymer flexible type render should be used rather than a cement based render (cement based renders dont move with the blue board and tend to crack). Yes, Bondcrete (a brilliant product) will stick the cement render to the paint but that’s where the problem is, the render is only sticking to a very thin coat of paint and not the brickwork. Dulux’s acrylic render range has a basecoat and topcoat for directly onto blueboard.

Render It needs to be applied within 30 minutes of final mixing and any spilt render should be discarded. If you want to go for boards use ecoply or shadow clad which is similiar to blueboard but has a textured surface and looks like vertical VJ. On North Straddie it`s everywhere, strong as hell and gives a kind of boatshed appearance, modern, brilliant look. Supaflex, Protect Satin and Membrane are 100% acrylic heavy duty durable coating, providing long term external protection for all masonry surfaces.

So the have to remove the asbestos and then they are going to put the blue board over the weatherboards and then render it. I have an ongoing problem with the blueboard wall we erected as a privacy screen due to the excessive demands of our neighbours. Dust created when a plumber or electrician chases up a wall: This statement would make sense except for most experienced plasterers normally hose the walls down on a new job before applying any render. Everything went as smooth as possible and I can’t thank the Blueboard team enough.