How To Build A Wood Gate

From hand tools to power tools, specialist tools and books find them all in our DIY superstore including our very own tools review area complete with videos. The local cost of labor and materials, the complexity of the installation, and other factors can affect the cost of a wood gate. This is a great question, and I’m going to give my opinion here – even though it may sound a little bit strong: Personally, I wouldn’t build an entire fence with removable posts. I need to replace a 6 foot gate (two 3 foot opposing sections) that is part of a fence around a swimming pool. In buying wood for fences, people should get pressure-treated wood for posts, says Ethan Elaison, co-owner of Elaison Lumber in Fresno.

But, you could select a wooden gate that stands out from the rest of the fence and adds a dash of style or have one custom built. Total Wood Protection (TWP) was recommended to me by a long time pro painter because it penetrates the wood and protects from water, mildew, cracking, etc. A gate that opens onto a roadway should be set far enough back so you can pull your vehicle off the road while you get out to open the gate. This double gate opens to allow a lawn tractor through, or only one side may be used on a daily to put a gate in a wood fence

Support each stair with a pair of three-step stringers—the inside one should be fastened to the fence rails, the outer one supported at bottom by a short post and at the top by a post that extends a yard higher than the fence. In this gate design, the frame holds all the pieces together, so the connections of the frame boards to the slats (the 5/4” x 6”) is crucial. Traditionally, wood has been the most popular choice among consumers for a couple of big reasons: First, wood tends to be less costly than many other materials, and second, it accepts a wide range of finishes, including stains and paints.

Once I had this gate skeleton, I attached the hinges (with lag screws again), and connected the entire assembly, very carefully, to the fence. The fence is by Topiarius, a full-service landscape design, build and maintenance firm in Chicago. Fencemaster also installs commercial wood fencing for businesses located in or near residential areas. First decide where it goes, set the support posts, then build the gate and install it.

Or, to save money, choose heavily galvanized doorstyle butt hinges that must be inset a fraction of an inch into the wood of the gate post. I’ve recently turned two old wine caskets in living room lamps, and I have to admit: the smell, the structure, the look… Wood is just great! If your fence is in good repair, it may benefit from a yearly power washing to remove dirt.

Recent environmental regulations have changed the chemical compounds used in PT, so ensure you are using approved fasteners with a rating for ACQ (alkaline copper quaternary, a wood preservative), since the wrong type of fasteners can rot when in contact with the compounds in PT lumber. This height will discourage fighting over the fence and help prevent horses from leaning over the fence, although the sure way to eliminate leaning and rubbing on any fence is with an offset electric fence to put a gate in a wood fence

Privacy is very important, especially if you live in an urban area like Dallas, TX. Of course, no matter where you live, a neighborhood snoop can really put a crunch on how you enjoy your property. You’ll need to treat wooden gateposts with preservative before you install them and set them in concrete as post spikes don’t give enough support. Place packers between this gate and the gate post and between this gate and the one that it is already swinging. With vinyl you’ll be able to choose from a variety of styles such as a picket gate, a privacy gate or a lattice gate.

This is even more true when one is building the fence and gate themselves, as everything must be done right. We understand the importance of choosing the right type of Fence or Gate for your home. If you do not have an existing fence to attach the gate to, you will need to build one, as fence posts are necessary for installing a fence. Our knowledgeable staff can design a fence that meets your needs and your budget.