Cane Design

Collapsible canes are hugely popular, as they are designed to fold up into a convenient, travel-friendly size. Nothing is impossible to us, we get a massive amount of requests to make very unusual walking sticks and we haven’t turned down anyone yet, so if it is a unusual walking stick you need or if you need 50 crook walking sticks or 100 blackthorn walking canes by tomorrow just give us a call or email and we will try our best. The design is largely the same but with a matte finish rather than the brighter effect of the standard model.

You may have already found the perfect wood for your walking cane’s, and if you have the time and patience we have all the materials you need to make your own walking canes on our walking sticks accessories page. Jackson has found alternatives to the typical medical cane that she got at the hospital — enter the name of her blog The Girl With The Purple Cane.” When Jackson first saw a Sabi purple cane, she had to have it.

Join us as we congratulate Jamie, and keep your eye out at your local Rite Aid store for the Tri Tip Walking Cane. Collar The collar of a cane may be only a decorative addition made for stylistic reasons, or may form the structural interface between shaft and handle. You will also find a description of our folding canes, travel canes, seat canes, umbrella canes, fashionable canes and other unique novelty cane products we carry. This walking cane has a bamboo shaft that has been stained and scorched for a stunning look that makes this cane a great choice for your style.

This Appalachian Chestnut Walking Cane is a minimalist piece that still manages to look handsome, while its scaled-down design makes it more of a gentle accent, rather than a bold statement in your look. The exhibition also delves into the pedestrian’s relationship to the built in environment where you can also discover how wearable technologies and surveillance systems impact on our experience of walking. If you can’t see the walking stick you are looking for then give us a call as we might be able to order it in especially for you. Our walking canes and staffs are fully functional and very durable for everyday use.

For instance, a disabled person who has spent much of their life adapting to their unique circumstances will have a much better chance at operating a cane or other walking device as they grow older. There are so many beautiful, exotic, and stylish walking canes on the market today there is absolutely no excuse to settle for a plain old medical cane – unless you want to.

This Gentlemans Silver Knob Walking Stick is one such right accessory that features a stunning touch of high society style. This Jaguar Walking Cane is a unisex cane that is a brass handle with a chrome finish for a stunning appearance. Our latest Designer walking sticks are – KIKI, a bright blue butterfly motif design and Berlin, a new contemporary dark red. Forearm cane: a regular or offset cane with additional forearm support, enabling increased stability and load shifted from the wrist to the forearm.

This Eagle Head Walking Cane is a unisex cane that has an embossed, solid brass eagle-head handle. Comfort meets luxury, and it is a fantastic pairing that makes this walking stick a stellar accessory that is all you would want. Each one of our walking sticks from our UK workshop is unique, you’ll never see two the same as every one is made by hand using traditional methods to the highest standards.walking cane design

With new designs twice a year Switch Sticks are the designer walking aids to be seen with and suitable for both men and women. The Quad Canes, Small Base, Designer Color Combo Pack contains: 1 Floral, 1 Rainbow, 1 Nautical and 1 Checker Design Cane. Obesity and Gait Abnormalitie s Interesting facts concerning being Obese and the use of walking canes. This video introduces the different kinds of canes and demonstrates the proper usage of a cane through teaching. We were now going to see the beautiful new colours and patterns that the safe, durable, easy to use and comfortable walking canes come in today.