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Shop for a wide assortment of traditional, sophisticated and timeless console tables from our other brands. You can’t watch people build Pac-Man and Donkey Kong into a table every month without thinking holy f$#% s$%^, I need one of those.” I set out with the goal of integrating a TV screen into an IKEA table, but the process made me realize the awesome projects I’d seen over the years provided a few problems if I planned on casually playing games at the to build a console table

Plug your television’s power cable into the USB charging power strip and run its power cable through the back of your coffee table and up into the television. At this point my husband switched out with me so I could finish the table and he could have a go at the three crazy kids bouncing off the walls wanting to get out in the snowstorm! Don’t forget to drill 3/4″ pocket holes facing up to attach the table top in later steps. This being said, if you have a table saw and miter saw, this will be even easier. If using an IKEA BOKSEL like me, that board actually sits in the middle of the table.

It reminds us why the 16.5″ width is perfect for us – it’s wide enough to fit a chunky table lamp without having to worry about knocking our heads into them (since we’re both guilty of over-exaggerated laughing spells during particularly funny moments of Modern Family). I love that it’s a little taller than your average sofa table and can be used as a desk with a cool bar chair.

Once dried, Sherry applied a coat of Safecoat Acrlacq polyurethane over everything that was stained to seal it all in and protect our beloved console baby (and our beloved real baby since Safecoat is non-toxic and water-based so it doesn’t off gas like regular oil-based poly does (read more about staining and sealing the consoles here ). Just measure each end and side so that you have the same amount before mounting them to the table. Disclaimer: I can’t guarantee that your console table will turn out just like mine.

If you need extra storage space in the room, then a table with drawers, baskets or shelves below can help keep your life organized. You need one micro-USB cable to power your Raspberry Pi, an HDMI cable to connect it to the television (the thinner/smaller the better in this case), and a grounded extension cord to run from your coffee table to the nearest power outlet. Find the perfect console table for behind the sofa to complete the look and act as a divider, without interrupting the flow of your wide open spaces. Clean cuts and immaculate design make this console a great choice for all types of surroundings.

To figure out the length and the angle of the legs, use saw horses and scrap pieces of wood to prop the boards up to the desired height. Step 1: Wipe off your reclaimed wood piece and place it onto two saw horses or a solid surface for cutting. I decided to take a different approach: create the ultimate tech-infused coffee table with a built-in retro arcade and charging ports for my gadgets that I’d actually enjoy using from the comfort of my couch. Step 10: Measure where you’d like to place your key hooks, then screw them onto your console table.

And with that, our nearly 12 foot console (with a hidden middle storage compartment and some sweet bookcase-sides for even more stash space) was officially complete. I don’t have to do any searching, shopping, or hauling, because I have a veritable lumber yard worth of old wood in my barn. Courtesy of tinker Casper36, we’re treated to a compact build hidden inside an IKEA console table. So I ended up painting the legs an off white color and leaving the table top the walnut color.

This stylish accent table featuring a hammered metal frame and an elegant mosaic tile top inset will welcome the outdoors into your home and bring back memories of backyard BBQs. Display a limestone or concrete console table in the kitchen when counter space is at a premium. This storage console can bring a little bit of industrial style into the indoors.

Andy is definitely a keeper and this table makes the old table look like it was built by your little guy! Whatever wood you choose for your project, select pieces that aren’t bowed or warped, have no knots and, on laminated pine, where joins are firmly bedded together. When I finished up for the day” a few weeks ago I just needed to build the bottom shelf and put a finish on to build a console table

Once we’ve actually got some stuff on the table (lamps, a lacquer box or two, some books, etc) we think it’ll call even less attention to itself. Just be careful if you do and make sure you draw out a blueprint and go over it several times to make sure things will add up correctly. Since we adjusted the size, the openings for our drawers were very nonstandard.