Pondering Outdoor Finishes

Now that you have chosen the highest quality pine floor, here are the top quality accessories you may want to properly install and finish your floor. Step 3) After you have allowed the Waterlox to thoroughly dry apply another coat of Waterlox Original in the same manner you did in step 2. Allow to dry thoroughly for at least 12 hours or more if needed. Be careful though; Waterlox has stopped recommending this practice on their website because many modern stains have been doctored to be faster-drying and the solvents that are added make those stains incompatible with Waterlox. I refinished my floors with Waterlox in August 2013, but the last two-and-a-half years of remodeling took a toll on my floors, so it was time to do a quick sanding a recoat to make them look new again.

Waterlox Original Tung oil finishes are also water and chemical resistant (alcohol and alkali). We will perform monthly washing of the wood and strips and will wax them about every six months, typical of the care you would give your own bed wood. The waterlox will need about 7-9 days to harden up and a full 3-4 weeks to cure 100% before it’s super hard. Waterlox Original Sealer / Finish is made from Tung Oil, so its natural characteristics make sealing and finishing wood a breeze.waterlox wood finish

You can really tell that’s a high gloss finish in the first two shots, but that last one really shows the figure. Waterlox is a specially processed tung oil and you will not get the same results if you buy basic tung oil from your hardware store. There are also a handful of places where the soft wood has splintered and lost its finish, resulting in more than usual color variation.

No finish looks good after 19 years without maintenance, but when I sanded off the flakings bits this year to see if the table (or at least the wood) could be salvaged, the wood beneath was still undamaged. We use that prior to stain almost all the time to encourage the wood to take the stain in fewer coats. The challenge in applying Waterlox to a ceiling is the thin nature of the product, and generally requires spray and back brush application when applying to an already installed ceiling. We highly recommend the Tung Oil/Citrus finish over the mineral oil finish for tops that will be used as cutting surfaces.

Furniture & Fine Woodworking – Whether it’s for museum quality, period reproductions, restored antiques or one-of-a-kind custom woodworking projects, furniture craftsmen and fine woodworkers use Waterlox finishes extensively to achieve an authentic hand-rubbed effect with the durability of a modern finish. Waterlox Original Sealer / Finish can be used as a sealer coat under most finishes and will provide superior adhesion and color enhancement, especially on tropical hardwoods. Waterlox preserves cabinets and woodwork while capturing their timeless and unique character.

They are what they are and can give you a very nice close-to-the-wood finish when properly applied and not overcoated with a film finish. It is an oil based product that penetrates deep into the wood and protects well. I’m used to using Varathane where I sand between each coat and get a super smooth finish. Water-based finishes will usually result in excessive grain raising on many species of wood. Using a new (dry) 4 inch foam brush go over the Waterlox in one long smooth stroke.

As promised here are a few photos I just took… this is with 4 light applications of waterlox over Timber Mate filled pores on black walnut. COMING SOON: Our new buff-in, color-infused tung oil enhances the color of wood, while providing a protective matte finish. Waterlox offers a sealer finisher, or try a 1lb cut of shellac, preferably dewaxed. I have made a sample with 5 coats of Waterlox and performed a simple scratch test with my fingernails. The butcher block counters that make me swoon have a richer, darker, shinier finish. I then applied the Minwax Wood Finish with a Dry Brushed technique, not soaked.

Since these finishes retain a certain amount of elasticity almost indefinitely, they will not cloud, crack or become brittle Scratches are easily repaired; no sanding is necessary; just re-apply finish to a clean surface. I didn’t think I needed it because the wood wasn’t soft but the stain soaked in so unevenly and looked pretty awful. Beauty – Waterlox provides a rich, hand-rubbed patina that enhances the white pine grain and brings out its inherent beauty. I think most here will agree that the extra time it takes to use (whether mixing, applying, dry time, etc.) will be more than made up by the long lasting effect or beauty of the finish.

Oil finishes also bring out a true richness in certain woods and since they don’t leave a coating on top of the wood they give a feeling a nearness to the wood that is desirable in pieces that will be handled often. We have settled on Waterlox as our finish of choice on most interior wood surfaces including floors, countertops, and cabinetry for two main reasons. That will give you the same thing that Waterlox does, but possibly at a lesser cost (just my experience, Waterlox is very expensive here in my part of Canada) I can buy tung oil and varnish for much less..but that may be unique to my location.

Waterlox Sealer/Finish is 80% Tung Oil , and gives a natural low film look to the wood. The downside of this finish is that it leaves the wood feeling like it has a thick plastic coating on it. Good for hardwood floors that need the protection, but maybe not for furniture that you want to feel silky smooth. According to the sales rep at Woodcraft, the medium sheen is a glossier finish than satin but not as glossy as their high gloss version. Laquer is a quick drying finish that is most typical on commercial furniture and cabinets today.

All our wood tops are made of the finest grades of kiln dried lumber species available. This great feature along with the fact that Shellac doesn’t yellow over the years allows Shellac touch ups to seamless blend in with the original finish. He also emphasizes the importance of cleaning your surface to ensure a great finish. Once you’ve confirmed the finish is fine on your test piece you can have Waterlox weigh in with their opinion if still needed. We use the padding method to apply all our oil finishes, especially Waterlox a high-grade tung oil varnish.

When Dan Vos, owner and operator of Devos Custom Woodworking, opened his shop in Dripping Springs, Texas, over a decade ago, he knew it was one of the first custom shops in the U.S. devoted to producing high-end countertops using a variety of different wood choices. I would assume durability is the most sought after quality of outdoor finishes, so when it comes time to choose a finish for my outdoor projects, that is what I will be shooting for. Waterlox will dry to the touch in about a day, and fully cure in about 2-3 weeks. You actually hit on two weak points in my knowledge-base: paint and pressure treated wood.waterlox wood finish

The performance, elegant appearance, lasting beauty, and the ease of use will usually make Waterlox the product of choice for hardwood floors, cabinets, walls, logs, timbers, furniture and a variety of wood components. Let the final coat cure for the recommended 24 hours, then rub with 0000 grade steal wool between coats and you have a world-class satin finish any museum would be proud to display.

There is one deeper scratch that DOES penetrate the wood and we can’t even blame it on the kids! Gillespie’s Tung Oil Finish® is an excellent Tung Oil finish that is not quite as good (personal opinion) as Sea-Fin or Waterlox, but it is usually available at most paint specialty stores, Home Depot, Lowe’s, and similar retailers. If you can’t wait, you can buy a separate Waterlox Original Satin finish that will give you the lower sheen without the wait. You can’t get a mixer in the can because Waterlox doesn’t want you to mix the product.

If a client is tough on their floors with exposure to dogs, kids, dirt and grit, or just lots of traffic, a Waterlox floor will typically give a longer life before recoat is desired, compared to most polyurethanes. The guys we get our wood finishes from have small sample packets of Waterlox available, and they have some other information about Waterlox.

Waterlox has one of the best websites we have ever seen – they address all possible questions about using it on floors, but also have great insight on using it for countertops and other woodworking projects. Waterlox Original Satin Finish contains flattening agent which can settle to the bottom of the can. Although people mention that the application is a dangerous process and precaution is necessary, I am not sure of long term use of such a wood, say for example, as a dining table where you eat food that can come in contact with the wood surface.

You would make similar repairs on your own bed wood installation as it begins to show the cracking or separation. STEP FOUR – after letting your stain dry overnight, apply a coat of Waterlox Original Sealer I found it best to apply this with another old t-shirt remnant. It provides a protective finish that is extraordinarily durable, silky smooth and amazingly attractive. Waterlox is a classic example of a product you must use according to the exact manufacturer instructions. After the first coat, we developed a routine of putting the Waterlox on right before going to bed.

This was followed with three coats of Sikkens Cetol 1. I had wanted to use Waterlox but could not get it up hear in the mountains. There are lots of different formulations out there but essentially the oil absorbs into the wood and dries within the fibers. I would no sooner put waterbased on a slab like this as paint it. Waterlox is definitely better than waterbased for depth and iridescence.

A year or so ago I finished a little table with layers of wipe-on poly (softer than waterlox) and wax (which is supposed to be quite susceptible to coffee cup heat), use it continually, and there are no scratches or rings yet. The current emphasis on more and thicker layers of polyurethane (and other polymer finishes) is creating a generation of wood floors that look more like sheet vinyl. Waterlox products represent the flooring industry’s highest level of quality protection. After coating the entire surface allow the Waterlox to rest for about 20 minutes.