How To Build An Awesome Electric Cigar Box Guitar

Enjoy the free plans and how-to info below, and be sure to check out the ever-growing Cigar Box Guitar How-To Knowledgebase over at ! Now that you’ve got the hang of building a guitar, your next one will be even better. On the backside of the neck, shape the sharp 90° edges into soft curves so your fretting hand can easily slide up and down the neck. Wire the pickup to your input jack, and then glue it to the inside of the guitar top, directly below the bridge with a drop of CA. The bass version was the first one I decided to complete, and other than using a longer piece of neck timber the process is just the same! Once you’re finished preparing the neck, you’ll be surprised by how fast the rest of the build goes! It will allow you to verify how high the guitar strings will be once it is glued together.cigar box guitar plans

Having access to tools like a drill press, band saw, router and orbital sander will definitely make the process of constructing a cigar box guitar a lot faster and easier, but in reality you only need a couple of hand tools to get the project under way. This is old time Delta Blues and Southern Bottleneck cigar box guitar that has been recorded on 3 and 4 string homemade guitars. Following production of Songs Inside The Box, he became curator of the National Cigar Box Guitar Museum (the collection begun by Shane Speal) and he plans to develop a permanent exhibit open to the public. If you want to electrify your CBG (and you do), you can make a decent pickup from a piezo buzzer element.

I’m gathering random ideas to build a coffee can guitar — I think this would sound a bit different from a cigar box, and well, I have several cool antique coffee cans lying around my junk room, er, shop. Once you’ve decided on the length of your tail piece, Mark the inside edges of the box on your neck and mark a cut line to the thickness of the lid. The book is laced with images and tutorials on how to design up to three different models of Cigar Box Guitars, courtesy of author/photographer David Sutton. You can make your guitar electric, make different head designs, add steel frets, and even put more strings on it.

After many prototypes and designs, C. B. Gitty proudly introduce their very first Acoustic Wooden Box Kit, an an easy-to-assemble box made just for cigar box guitar-type instruments. NOTE: You can smear a tiny bead of super glue across the part of the fret that fits in the slot if you wish, but I usually skip it, because it’s hard to keep the glue from getting onto the neck. Two inch thick pork would be real fine with me. Anyhow, I happened to have saved the cigar box that I bought to hand out cigars in the bars to my buddies when he was born.

According to Bill Jehle, curator of The National Cigar Box Guitar Museum, and author of One Man’s Trash: A History of the Cigar Box Guitar,3 has acquired two cigar box fiddles built in 1886 and 1889 that seem very playable and well built. When you hook up six strings to a cigar box you’re creating a lot of tension and if that box doesn’t stay square, it won’t stay in tune and therefore, it’s only good for hanging on the wall.” But Southwick’s guitars, most of which can be plugged into an amplifier, can be played or displayed.

You can either sketch your sound hole on the box free hand or you can sketch it on a piece of paper and cut it out. One thing I’ve noticed in my research of the 3 string guitar, is that there is a rich and long history in America. Once you have the marks on the box, drill a hole in the box where the hole is going to be. Now, unscrew the handle of your coping saw and remove the blade.

I was going to buy one new at retail at the guitar shop until I saw that they wanted $80 for it. I thought the price had gone up on the pedal, but musician’s friend still has it at the old price. Using a cigar box to create a guitar, fiddle, or banjo was an obvious choice for crafty souls. The bridge end of the neck will sit in a pocket, I’m hoping this will add strength.

Would-be musicians, often African American, who couldn’t afford a real” guitar, could make one from an old cigar box, a packing crate for a neck and some broom or screen wire. Here’s how to make a plain-vanilla, 3-string CBG that requires a minimum of tools and parts, yet sounds great. For the nut,” the piece at the top of the neck that holds the strings in place, he uses a basic, hardware-store screw. If you look hard enough, you’ll find cigar box ukuleles, banjos, and even violins.

The 1886 fiddle was made for an 8-year-old boy and is certainly playable, but the 1889 fiddle has a well-carved neck and slotted violin headstock. Well, no matter what day you watch this, this is just a wonderful song and the cigar box guitar solo on this video is off the hook! You can cut traditional F holes or simply drill a few holes around the periphery of the guitar. In the etching, the cigar box fiddle clearly shows the brand ‘Figaro’ on the cigar box. Don’t make holes where the neck goes, since the neck will end up covering them. When I build these guitars, I like to leave them a little rough around the edges to show some character.cigar box guitar plans