How To Cut Plywood With A Circular Saw

Rip guides like this one can be found on YouTube and in other Instructables here. You now have a circular saw guide that will allow you to rip a full length sheet of plywood. Besides that, the safety features make it a great saw for both beginner and advanced users. A circular saw is a powersaw using a toothed or abrasive disc or blade to cut different materials using a rotary motion spinning around an arbor. Cutting MDF creates a nasty dust storm, though, so wear a mask and put a fan in the window if you’re cutting inside. The GKS65 GCE’s bevel mechanism always keeps the blade away from the guide rail.

Thereafter, the edge of the splinter guard band marks the exact cutting line for any future cuts with the same blade. It will be helpful for making your shelves, especially if you make dado joints in the uprights for aligning and supporting both ends of each shelf. You would need to rip the oak into at least two narrower pieces and true them with your joiner.

Cutting on-the-money rabbets for half-lap joints with a portable circular saw and handheld router is a breeze with this two-in-one jig. After reading a post on how it can be unsafe to rip 4×8 sheets on a table saw and seeing people recommend a straight edge I took a look at them online and found they can be an expensive purchase. Back to my 2 inch right angle aluminum edge guide, easier to use, more precise, particularly with the 18v circular saw. With as much sawdust that any circular saw kicks up, I know the importance of a clear line of sight for both safety and accuracy.

Tip: When cutting across the surface grain of a sheet of plywood, you can prevent the veneer from splintering or feathering” by scoring along the edge of the base with a utility knife before you make the cut. I don’t have any experience wit the type of guide you link to, but I would be concerned about them shifting slightly during use giving a wavy line.

Even though I made the cutting grid to break down, it spends most of its time set up. I don’t hassle with this because it is inconvenient to constantly have to reposition the 2×4’s when I have multiple cuts to make on one sheet of lumber. Here is a post from Popular Mechanics with clear instructions for making a Circular Saw Guide that will help you have straight cuts every to make a circular saw guide

Sometimes it is better to accept what we can make than having an unfinished project. Mainland postage only:Please see my other listings for compatible circular saw blades. It has occurred to some, that since the rip fence on a circular saw doesn’t appear important as you purchase the power tool, many manufacturers never seem to take the effort to make an efficient one. Cutting large amounts of plywood, hard or softwood with a portable saw with precision, makes a professional circular saw with a guide rail system my first choice.

We’ve designed blade aligning tabs that make it very easy to align the blade to the edge guide, which is very important. I can mark my ply, align my guide with the marks, clamp it down and make my cut exactly where it should be. They can be clamped across the width of the board to provide a strong, firm straight edge to guide a circular saw. A good circular saw guide rail system allows for the adjustment for the fit on the rail. Install the battery or plug the saw in and make your cut on the waste side of your cut mark.

I’ve been using a 4″ strep off the edge of a peice of 3/8″ ply nd allowing its placement by deducting the width of the of the saw plate. This DeWalt circular saw with electric brake is our top overall choice because it simply gets the job done. The most important thing is to check that the blade guard is in place and you have a guide to run the edge of the saw along. In our circular saws review here we explain in detail the pros and cons of plunge cut saws vs. pendulum guard saws.

There are several rip cut guides for circular saws on the market, such as the Kreg Rip Cut But these guides only allow you to make cuts parallel to the edge of the plywood. Check out Izzy Swan on youtube, he has videos on how to make your own rip guides made with only a circular saw and he has videos on how to make a table saw using your circular saw (makes the saw shell and uses the circular saw to power the table saw). Before you get to the cutting, however, I suggest you make one more jig – a cutting grid to properly support the plywood while you’re laying out the parts and sawing them.

I tried reversing the saw on the holder, and I made the fence edge much larger with a piece of lumber, but it still is not good. Other guides such as this one can clamp at an angle, but require you to measure out the width of your circular saw for each and every cut. These blades make it much faster and easier for cutting dadoes and rabbets, used for joining lumber.

The table saw is perhaps the first choice but the radial arm is not in favor now and some real nice ones are available really underpriced. Round saw manual youtube.. how to make a round saw guide to aid in making crosscuts in plywood. With these two saw guides, you may use your circular noticed to make cuts that rival a desk saw’s for velocity and accuracy. I have struggled with cutting straight lines with my circular saw and with this guide I can cut fairly wide sections.

Theory is easy, but each mistake you make will be multiplied by 4. Making not perfect miter joints can be frustrating, but woodworking is just a hobby to me, so if this is your case just keep calm. And one of the most common techniques it is useful for is cutting rabbets and dadoes in posts. Big on power, small in size, the TS 55 makes quick work of sheet goods with greater accuracy and far more versatility than a panel saw. Instructions: Always make sure the base is resting completely flat while you’re cutting.

Make certain it is thick enough that the saw base does not ride up onto it, but stays alongside of it. I think I mentinoned I bought a rip guide made from aluminum more than 30 years ago. Make sure you’re using the right one, and make sure it’s rotating in the proper direction! There the exceptions such as Mafell or Festool that offer a decent parallel guide as extra accessory. The item you are currently viewing is the Dewalt DWS520KT 240v Plunge Saw – Included with T-Stak Box + Case + Joining Bar + 2 Rails.

Circular saw cutoff guide a round saw typically comes in quite accessible when running on outside tasks. This affordable system is very well designed and very well thought out to allow anyone with a circular saw to pretty much do just about anything you can imagine without a table saw. Finally, I place my circular saw against the lip of the guide, double check to make sure the clamps aren’t in the way of the saw motor, and make the cut.

If the timber you are cutting is too wide to use the guide, then a straight edge of some kind should be clamped to your timber and the edge of the sole plate should be run along the clamped guide. Wedge the circular saw guard up as shown and set the depth of cut to just scratch the surface of the 2×10. Just make sure that one strip is a few inches wider than your circular saw, including the motor. Woodworking noticed blades are spherical circular saw blades which might be designed to cut various forms of timber, such as lumber, plywood, softwood, hardwood, panels and. It is the number first criteria for most cabinet makers, as it comes to buying a circular saw.