Build Your Own Shoe Rack Plans DIY Free Download Using Woodworking Ideas

Finding the right hallway furniture, a difficult task may be. Especially in narrow corridors and small is no free space for large shoe cabinets. If you are fortunate enough to have drawers than read no further, but many RV’s simply have a finished piece of wood that serves no other purpose but to support the bed and partition the storage area underneath the mattress. If you need more shoe storage, don’t add the blanks and you can build multiple cabinets and stack them. Once we had the top, bottom, and tallest dowels cut, we worked on the inside portion of the shoe rack. From the woodworking point of view the shoe rack is a base cabinet with a face frame and the shelves installed at angle.

Normally, PVC pipe hides behind drywall, but here it takes center stage as the basis for another creative DIY shoe rack. So now that whole wall is almost like one seamless shelf thanks to the window sill that visually connects the ones I built to our new shoe cabinets (which are all on the same exact level). Five plastic containers, six 2x2s and screws, and one hour’s work are all it takes to put together this space-saving recycling storage rack.

Keep in mind, at the door like this it’s less of a storage rack and more of a temporary stop. Paul – Simply this, when the shoes are not present the rack itself takes up a lot less space. The RV shoe storage rack weighs a little over a pound and has 10 pockets that hold up to 5 pairs of shoes. Next, we marked the height of our tallest pair of boots on the wooden dowel and cut four equal pieces at that size. The first cut was a bit of a disaster, as it ate into the part of the bench I wanted to keep. Shoe storage bench out of a wall cabinet and message board out of one of the doors!

I also had parts of an old shoe organizer (I think I purchased this at Target) I had on the bottom of the crown molding to hold shoes with no heels. I started digging and found all of my high heels and pretty throws that have been in storage for three years! This simple and practical bench is the perfect piece of furniture in the hallway. The only thing i changed was i put a piece of wood at the back to avoid scuffs on the wall. I cut all of my pieces (it’s best to build your body then measure and cut to fit for the face frame). Stable bench with two finished steel shelves for shoes can arrange any small space.

Most drawings do not have instructions, its assumed you can build it based on the completed drawing provided. Cheap and easy project and uses minimum storage in my city apartment that I stay in during the week. Anyway, good job on the shoe rack, very creative way to store them & looks nice too. After you have installed the back of the shoe rack, the piece of furniture should look like your own shoe rack	build your own shoe rack

We determined there needed to be 2 inches between the planks for optimum shoe holdage. In this case, the upper part has been selected for cloth hanging so has been given amazing cloth hanging panels while lower has been specified for miscellaneous storage of items so comes with multiple storage boxes! Spray paint is an inexpensive, quick, and easy update for anything on your RV. Help it look 10 years younger with this fix.