Drawer Divider

It’s a little DIY trick to tame the mess in your kids’ drawers without taking up much of your time or money. We recommend that you simply build up the bottom of your drawer (with something like dominoes or match boxes) until the curved part is cleared. Ok, so once I had decided where I wanted everything to go and exactly where the dividers would sit, I placed the shorter divider on top and marked where the longer dividers would sit. The center divider has a slightly deeper taper to meet up with the cut out pull portion of the drawer. Lastly, we slid the organizer into the drawer and replaced the utensils in their newly organized slots. Then, cut an acrylic sheet to form sections that perfectly fit the dimensions of your drawer.

This idea is meant for all ladies who face with the tiny problem of disorganized makeup So, if you are one of them, get some plastic containers, place them in the drawer and organize all of your makeup tools. I’ve done well with Dollar Tree compartments and boxes, but nothing has worked quite as well as a customized drawer divider. I wanted my drawer organizers to have long-term durability, so I decided to use my leftover $1.99 Goodwill Ikea fabric from my table project instead of wrapping paper. You could use adhesive drawer liner if you want, but I like the paper since the tape sticks to it better (which is also optional to use).how to make drawer dividers

She began to make them from durable plastic and when we first began selling our Custom Drawer Organizers in 1999, we received shipments directly from her garage (aka her makeshift factory). I really wanted a knife block divider in the drawer so my husband came up with the idea to use an old piece of cedar (I had from the Block letters that everyone in blog land has done..including me 🙂 ) and he put 1.5 inch deep slits every 3/4 of an inch. Ensure to make adequate additional provision for length and width within each slot. Firstly, measure the dimension of your drawer and draft the design of the compartments you want to store your belongings.

I then cut these down to measure the depth of the drawer (from the front to the back of the drawer) so that they would sit as snug as possible and not move around too much. Next, cut a rectangle about 1/2″ shorter than the height and width of the cardboard rectangle and lay it over the backside of the rectangle to cover up the folds from the first side. I love how something so easy can make a boring drawer or shelf look so much better!

They lay flat in my drawers, so they’re also nice to use to organize office and junk drawer supplies. Ever since I started re-organizing my kitchen , I’ve been shopping around for wooden drawer dividers for quite some while but they all retail anywhere from $20-$30, depending on the design or amount in each set. Sketch out your drawer and decide how many compartments you want and how big you want them. Then on a piece of paper, make a sketch of how you want to design your drawers.

DIY Drawer Dividers for uner 10. But good ol’ Gorilla Wood Glue would work just as fab! The length of the board is just less than double the length of the drawers and I didn’t want to waste too much so I just allowed a few of the dividers to be shorter. However, it didn’t take me long to go a little crazy with all of H’s little socks and shoes and accessories” floating around in a single drawer. I just subscribed to your website and was thrilled to see the drawer organizers.