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I want to build a permanent tree stand with a nice roof but I would hate to kill a large tree on my property. Using a jigsaw, cut out 2-by-4-inch openings for the four corners and 2-by-4-inch vertical supports for the blind framing. Every deer hunter out their knows if you are not comfortable, you won’t stay in your stand and if you are not in your stand, you won’t get that trophy buck! My two level deer hunting box stand (shown left) has a shooting height of 15ft and has two levels for safely climbing and bring up gear. Being able to move silently is a requisite for success on the ground (this includes using a pop up blind).

The only thing I had to worry about was keeping my movements slow and silent so I didn’t alert the deer that was so close I could count all eight of her eyelashes. If you’re an avid deer hunter, you’ve probably noticed that more treestand companies are offering pop-up ground blinds. I was recently invited to be a charter member in a new hunting club starting up next season. You could just throw the blind up on the edge of a field, but putting in a little scouting time will allow a hunter to pinpoint travel corridors between feeding and bedding areas and make informed decisions on blind placement. That said, there are a few crucial components to taking a deer from a natural blind.

The fiberglass blind is very popular and a good choice for those who don’t have time to spend on deer blind maintenance. There was a time in the distant past when I was really interested in unconventional building techniques and architecture like straw-bale construction, rammed earth, yurts, adobe, log building, etc. When you locate an active game trail being used by a big buck, try to find a spot to set up your blind downwind with the sun behind you. When you can’t set up in advance, be sure to place the blind where it isn’t obvious.

A hunting accident due to inferior hunting supplies will make your hunting adventure costly. There are those among us who desire to excel and express their creativity by building a better hunting stand or blind. Our deer hunting blinds can be bought along with our Steel Skid System if you want an easy-to-assemble and rock solid tower blind. One of the last steps of the framing project is to build the back wall of the deer blind. Wood, Nails, Wind and Time can be a bad combo when you are 7, 10, 12, or 16 feet in the air in a box.

This estimate includes the price of the EZ Deer Blind Kit ($289) and all necessary lumber, hardware and paint (purchased separately). Camo netting, loose at the bottom and sides, was placed on each shooting position, enabling the hunters in the stand to see out but not have the deer see in. A friend of mine in Oklahoma has invited me to come down there for deer from time to time and I’ve never gone.

I have several situations in which a natural blind is the best choice for a set up. It might be due to the fact that I’m trekking way back into public land and can’t rationalize carrying a blind or stand that far, or perhaps it really is the best and most logical option. Not saying they all need to be this big but a couple would be nice when two are hunting out of them. It’s an almost perfect building material if you are building in a southwestern adobe-style type of architecture. So easy and quiet I can sit with all windows shut, and open one with deer 5 yards away or less even, without any issues.building a box blind for deer hunting

If you ever go deer hunting in OK, I’d suggest hunting at the beginning of the gun season if you want a better chance of seeing bigger bucks since the rut usually starts around the late-October and runs through about the first weekend of gun season. He was pleased to discover a project that will bring two large box blinds to the Cherokee Physically Disabled Hunting Area, and that local schools were building them. First I had to decide if I wanted an elevated blind or one close to the ground.

We had a doe, fawn and small 4 point walk within 5′ of where we were nestled into a hidden snow and conifer deer blind and I can still remember how wide Jake’s eyes were within the layers of facemasks. As a bonus, I can always turn this box blind into a chicken house, a pigeon loft, an ice fishing shack, a super-deluxe outhouse, a roadside vegetable stand, or a super tiny house. Nobody still hunts either, no doubt because the terrain doesn’t favor it. I don’t think we see blinds with deer hunters, but we do with antelope hunters.

One thing I want to avoid is coming back next year and having to argue with wasps over whose blind this is. Keeping the local deer herd from knowing that they are being hunted on your land is so critical, that a berm may just be your best option. Check out Carnivore Hunting Products They make a product called the Branch Clamp that will clamp branches to a blind.