Exotic Reclaimed Wood Kitchen Cabinets For Classic Kitchen Design We Bring Ideas

An exotic and classic design of kitchen using wooden kitchen cabinet becomes the best choice of people to design their kitchen for this time. Homestead Cabinet and Furniture is among several companies that are beginning to use urban woods to make a variety of products. Additionally, reclaimed timber can provide wider pieces of lumber than hardware stores which are great for a more unique or rustic floor. These homeowners hand-stained their cabinets before meticulously texturizing them with steel wool. Here at Reclaimed Lumber and Beams we are producing a great original patina barn wood paneling product we call Rough Top Oak”.

When we’re working with a barn, we’re looking to salvage all of the material that we can out of the barn. The wood is heated at low temperatures, a process that can take more than a year for some bigger beams. This reclaimed wood kitchen island may look great in your kitchen and provide it with a charming and adorable note. One way to utilize reclaimed wood in the kitchen is to incorporate planks recycled from old barns. Cutlery and crockery was found in charity shops and the bathroom tiles were made from reclaimed Welsh slate.

RL Custom Homes works with lumber that has been reclaimed” from old buildings, furniture and paneling. Granite Perimeter With Reclaimed-Wood Island – This design of this kitchen reflects the homeowners’ desire to retain the old elements of the 1930s cabin. Reclaimed wood is old wood that has already seen a life as another product that was torn down, damaged, or discarded.

In the painted v. wood kitchen cabinet debate, some designers have labeled the all white kitchen trendy but I disagree. This is a really solid and beautiful reclaimed wood kitchen island and it will work perfect for creating a formal and warm feel in your kitchen. Friends of Gumberry Worktops have contributed their own upcycling kitchen experiences to our recent blog. Enjoy your new RTA cabinet project from start to finish, order from Barker Cabinets today! Cabinets become furniture, not just utilitarian boxes that hold food and dishes.

We left the walls as they were because the bead board behind didn’t appear to be in good condition from what we could see and although this is a type of paneling, it is solid wood about 1/4″ thick. The enormous size of this reclaimed wood kitchen island adds a grandiose and dramatic note in this kitchen with elegant setting. The cabinet’s old patina and wood grains combined with modern stainless steel appliances brings warmth, elegance and beautiful ambiance to the kitchen. All our freestanding kitchens and mix & match units are designed in-house, made from solid wood and can be delivered direct to your home.

The freestanding kitchen units made from solid wood at Wells Reclamation hope to cater for all the ideas and combinations you may have. The Isola Linear by Toyo features a cantilevered structure for a kitchen that seems to be stacked yet floating at the same time. Glad to explore this list and happy to know that there are so many designers/builders in Toronto that are willing to deliver such unique designs.

Great for working, food preparation and casual at-the-counter eating, our colorful butcher block kitchen islands have become a favorite fixture for many families. Environmentally Friendly: When reclaiming timber, you have a variety of exotic and common wood types to choose from. These smaller, more compact designs harken back to the days when the rustic kitchen was in an actual country home – one that might not have had as much space as our 21st-century abodes. Traditionally rustic kitchens are smaller and include the dining table within the kitchen itself.reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

The Futuristic Kitchen by Ora-Ito (above) went on tour across Europe in 2007, stopping in historical city centres to give passersby a glimpse at high-tech design. We have 3 acres of Hand Hewn Beams, Large and Small Slabs, Flooring, Rough Sawn Timbers, Barn Wood, Siding, Panelling, Architectural Pieces and Farm Equipment, Curiosities and a Metal Garden. I agree the warmth of wood is essential in a kitchen- but NOT the bad dated builder wood or old oak…so clarification is in need here!

Here at Reclaimed Timber Products, we love helping you find the perfect wood for your project. Drawing on the bright colors and high-gloss sheen of Italian contemporary style, the 36E8 Kitchen Suite by Lago takes minimalism to a whole new level. One of our least favorite things to do is to pull nails, but that is just a reality of working with reclaimed wood. The processing of urban woods uses many of the same skills and machinery as other reclaimed woods. Local shops and a handful of national dealers like Elmwood can be found in phone directory or an Internet search (search under reclaimed wood, reclaimed timber or reclaimed lumber).

Your dealer should agree to scrub the wood clean and use a metal detector to spot any hidden nails. The rustic design in combination with the light color of this reclaimed wood kitchen island provides this kitchen with an amazing and relaxing appearance. With 40 years in the kitchen and bath business, we offer everything you need for a beautiful kitchen or bath as well as the expertise to guide you through the process.

Even though this old wood has been around, the moisture in the wood can still be around 15-18%. Well, it is something taken for granted that you will find it amazing as furniture in rustic kitchen designs to enhance its charming and pleasing value. If you find something on Heart Handmade UK and want to feature something that is originally mine (photos of my home, prop styling etc) I would appreciate if you would note Heart Handmade UK as the source and link back to the original post! All content © copyright 2001-2016 The Strong Oaks Woodshop, custom reclaimed wood furniture from the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia.

Add an accent wall made from reclaimed barn boards, or create unique art work to compliment your room or patio area. We just brought in more 2” thick reclaimed floor joists from turn of the century houses out of Scarsdale. No worries, we have several trade customers who specialize in restoration, cabinetry and furniture, finish carpentry and installation.

Open shelves – Adding a few open shelves in a kitchen can vary the aesthetic and visually open up a space that would otherwise be another uniform kitchen cabinet. I love that something beautiful was made out of an old pile of barn wood – something to be made for many more years of use. If you’re not sure how to add more storage to your rustic kitchen, take a look at our guide to kitchen storage to find out more.

Unlike the cookie-cutter cabinets in many homes today, the Arts & Crafts style is famous for durability, artistic detail and a craftsmanship that has endured for centuries. They are NOT builder grade and I actually really love the cabinet but it can skew pink from time to time…so that has been a struggle – not to mention the horrid baltic brown granite.

I noticed several of the pictures above with wood cabinets that I liked were shown with neat tile floor and some of the wood cabinets combined well with the wood floors, but a few of them downright clashed to me and took away from the whole experience. Cabinets – Create a modern eclectic feel in your kitchen by combining the rustic aspect of reclaimed wood and a modern handle or knob.

We transform this aged wood into timeless pieces of furniture, cabinetry, and flooring, allowing the stories to continue. Benedict Antique Lumber and Stone uses its own equipment, mill, and manpower, which helps to keep pricing competitive. Not only will your kitchen benefit from this sturdy surface material, it can create a one-of-a-kind conversation piece that stands out for all your guests to admire.reclaimed wood kitchen cabinets

White, gray, or black paint on cabinetry will always look good; mixing white and wood is another fresh approach. Along with the sustainability benefits of reclaimed wood, boards and timbers from buildings constructed 75 to 100 years ago are far superior in both look and strength. My cousin is planning to renovate his home and he purchased stylish patio doors, steel doors & fiberglass doors online from , feel free to visit them.

They were made by my husband and father-in-law from 100-year-old reclaimed barn wood (you can read more about them here ). Unlike other materials whose appeal lie in their looks, reclaimed wood has beauty and history. The reclaimed wood was installed using Liquid Nails on a plastic, waterproof backsplash. The custom cabinets shown here were made from reclaimed oak, then finished with a whitewash and a clear protective finish. For more information on using reclaimed wood for your Denver kitchen remodel, contact the professionals with BKC Kitchen and Bath.

Another unique source of reclaimed wood specific to Colorado is timber that’s been culled from remnants of the Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012. Practically every inch of this kitchen is made of reclaimed wood: The wall cladding came from a salvage yard; the ceiling and the island’s big timber top were constructed from beams from an old warehouse; the fireplace mantel is an old piece of natural-patina timber that was left outside to weather; and the 1” x 12” flooring is salvaged fir.