Horseshoe Pit

To build a backyard horseshoe pit, build two identical wooden boxes, dig two trenches, place the boxes in the trenches on top of landscape fabric, drive stakes into the trenches 40 feet apart from each other, and fill with sand. The one activity that has really taken off is the portable horse pit I created, this is designed to let anyone play horse shoe on the grass, I had this brainstorm one year my bother and I where playing and getting so frustrated that the shoes would hit the grass and just bounce and roll around and skip all over the place even rolling and hitting people, I thought that if we could create something that could contain the game.

Two six-feet long treated wood 2×4s or 2×6s; cut in half, two eight-feet long treated wood 2×4s or 2×6s; cut in half, several bags of sand (enough to fill two 36×48 inch boxes at least 3 – 4 inches deep), two three-feet long steel posts (about an inch in diameter), and 16 – 24 exterior (deck) screws (2½ inch long, approx.). The tools you would need are an electric drill with a screw driver, sledge hammer, shovel, measuring tape, and a horseshoe pit

In fact, with a little free material from Craigslist or the local dump, you can build outdoor fun zones like a horseshoe pit without breaking the bank. I think that you can see that there are some simple equations, but also some very complicated ones and I haven’t put the serious thought into what I think it would require. We considered doing the regulation size, but it was going to be so large that it took up most of the width of the backyard and we were concerned that some people might not be able to play and therefore it would be not fun for horseshoe pit

Your local home center will generally have all of the components necessary to build your own washer toss game boards. You might want to check out the local horseshoe club and see if using clay is for you. Anchoring options include concrete, metal braces attached to a wooden frame or a wooden beam, all of which will be buried under your chosen pit material. Horseshoe pits provide a fun way to be active with friends and family while providing safe exercise and relaxation. Step 3 – Once you are sure you have the frames where you want them, mark the perimeters of the boxes.

This step is optional, but it will reinforce the horseshoe pit and help make it last longer. You will find many sites mention the official distance of 40 feet, so we set out and made the first horseshoe pit official and I can tell you from a painful and funny experience most can not make the 40′ distance. Remember that the horseshoe must touch the opposing stake to score points Now that you’ve know how to build a horseshoe pit, you can enjoy playing at the park, on the beach and just about anywhere. The club claims that high-ranking horseshoe pitchers come from as far as Japan as the game grows globally.

Mark off the area with small wooden stakes, and then use a shovel to dig at least 4 inches into the ground evenly across the pit area. Drive the stakes into the ground with your sledgehammer approximately 21 inches from the front of the box, and ensure that they are approximately 14 or 15 inches high and leaning slightly toward the other pit. Cut two 3-fooot lengths of ½-inch rigid conduit or steel rebar for the horseshoe stakes.