Wooden Fence Gates

Choosing fence gate designs depends a lot on who sees it, what it’s purpose is and what your budget is. For example, if the gate is in front of your property, then it should have a little more flair and complement your home’s style, whereas a vegetable garden gate just needs to be functional. Once you pick the ideal gate for your situation, begin the simple installation. If you want to use an automated gate to add to your home’s security, you have many alternatives from which to choose. If you need to fix your gate to a wall, it’s a good idea to secure the first post using expanding masonry bolts. Custom wood fences are a popular residential fencing choice in the Houston, TX, region, as they are an affordable option for multi-use backyards, such as those dedicating some space to gardening and some space to recreational activities. My homeowners association requires the fence to be stained and allows fences only in the back yard.

However, if you do use insulated gate handles, always situate the handle on the end toward the fence charger, so that the gate wire” will have no electricity because it’s disconnected from the charger when the handle is undone and the gate is open. Typically, the latch is a metal prong that inserts into a hole in an adjacent post when the gate is shut; to open this type of gate, the latch is usually pulled to release from the post. Remove the blocks holding the gate and close it. Extend the latch to intersect the latch post, and then screw the catch to the post.how to put a gate in a wood fence

And that’s it, you have now set your fence posts and are ready to start laying your boards! I decided to leave the back of my gate slats only without the frame, but adding the same frame boards to the back side would make the gate equally beautiful from either direction. Stain provides a durable finish coat, while still allowing the look and texture of the wood to come through. The all-time record for the latter was a newly constructed fence that lasted all of three months before it began to sag and crumble.

Randy has memories of painting and painting and painting the white picket fence around the house he grew up in. It was a regular chore and, unlike Tom Sawyer, he could never con his friends into helping. You will make more work for yourself by having to worry about the gate falling, either away from you or towards you as you will end up having to pack and wedge everywhere to stop this. If you choose a gate frame that has a structural connection over the top (and possibly across the bottom), you can reduce the added stress on the posts. The fence clamps are used to stretch a single strand of wire, usually barbed wire.

I wanted a ½” space between each board, which was easily handled by using a piece of the aluminum tubing from the pool fence project. Because of the amount of wood, these gates ARE fairly heavy and I didn’t want the hinges stripping out, so I actually drilled all the way through the posts and the gate and used long bolts and large washers to ensure they’ll be nice and stable for years to come.

If you are cutting down a wider gate, ensure that you choose a design which allows for this – there must be enough wood left to safely affix the hinges and latch. Wooden fences come with several maintenance issues that homeowners should be aware of when choosing this material. Moving gate posts can be difficult, time consuming, and expensive, so give serious thought beforehand to where you’ll put your gates.

You can see this on the ground behind me above, and these can be found in the fence section of your hardware store. This entry was posted on Tuesday, April 16th, 2013 at 6:00 am and is filed under Art , Art: mid-century design , Art: modern design , Art: modern wood fence , Art: new home build You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed.

When a wire fence must go around a curve, place small stakes every 16 feet around the smooth curve. Measure the area to get a better understanding of how large the space is before selecting a gate type. Install your gate latch on either side, and then screw a sturdy wooden cleat at latch level, or a length of overlapping infill onto the outside of the the latch post.

A fence is only as strong as its posts, making posts the most important part of any fence. Scott installed our fence this year, we had some trouble with one of our neighbors as he didnt like dogs so Scott suggested a style of fence that appeased both of us and our was done quickly and cleanly. This will also offer a sturdy option however is not as sturdy as using concrete on every fence post.

Cut enough 1-by-6s the same height as your fence to span the width of the opening, less about an inch (2.5 centimeters) to make room for the gate hinges and latch. If there is a diagonal support, the bottom of the diagonal should be on the hinge side of the gate. Having a beautiful wooden gate facing the street can really up the curb appeal and depending on the style you choose, it can be a statement piece as well. The more support added through structural elements, the longer your gate will stand.

An stained cedar board-on-board fence has an organic design that fits with the outdoor setting. This is a photo of the gate kit for a wood fence The instructions in the package make it very simple to build your own gate. A hand rail should be run across the fence between the pair of posts supporting the stairs. Instructions are usually included with the fence charger, but the grounding system usually consists of a number of grounding rods driven into the ground spaced at least 10 feet apart and tied together with copper wire. I am looking for a good plan for a wooden gate, so I hope you don’t mind if I piggyback on your post.

A fence that is too loose can allow livestock to find a way under, over, or through it. Animals can even become entangled in a loose fence causing damage to the fence, and worse, possible injury or death to the animal. These products are stiff and difficult to bend, but these qualities are needed to provide strength and durability to the fence. Treatment of the wood also discourages chewing of the fence but may not be sufficient to prevent chewing when horses are stressed or confined in a small space. If you would like a gate, skip a space in your fence so that you can add the gate later. Painting your gate a warm inviting color will catch people’s eye and make them feel welcome.

An electric fence is made up of multiple strands of high tensile wire It requires the additional use of a fence charger , grounding rods and insulators. Make provisions for the widths of the fence panels and gates so you won’t end up with odd-sized bays that can complicate installation. When you’ve decided which way you want your gate to open, lay it face down on level ground.

Like with barbed wire, your fence posts can be placed much farther apart than with woven or welded wire. Take into consideration your normal patterns of movement and put gates where they’ll be the most convenient. Gates tend to be sold in standard sizes so you may be lucky, however depending on the age of the gate you are replacing (it could be home-made or using old-fashioned measurements), you may need to either have a gate specially-made or cut down a slightly larger gate. At that point the gate may weigh anywhere from 50 to 150 pounds, depending on the size.