Best Wood For Cigar Humidor

Just like most things in life, the materials used to construct a humidor will have a direct correlation with its ability to function. As we’ve discussed before, a humidor is the vault you lock and store your cigars in. It’s made with a specific purpose in mind and that’s to allow you to safely store and age your cigar collection in a pristine environment that is made to exacting standards ensuring your cigars remain fresh and healthy for years to come by generating a precise level of humidity so they don’t dry out.

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Many of you who’ve just joined the cigar revolution may wonder if you should purchase a cigar humidor, gently mumbling to yourself, I already had to buy a lighter, now this!” Nine out of ten cigar fans likely splurge on the humidor while some folks do believe that keeping cigars in a plastic bag with a damp towel is adequate enough to keep them appropriate.

A fake humidor is a product designed to fool you the buyer, it looks like a humidor, if your nose is not trained, it might smell like a humidor, but it is not a humidor, it may even be advertised to include SPANISH CEDAR, but fake humidors do not include the expensive Spanish cedar which imparts it’s flavors into your cigars and regulates humidity inside the wood for cigar humidor

Find a reputable seller who specializes in Cigar Humidors and Accessories one that is proud of their feedback and boast what they stand for in their ABOUT ME page (I proudly include our links to these pages), these bits of information should convince you that you are dealing with a knowledable and reputable seller, one who is KNOWLEDGABLE about CIGARS!.

A standard rule with any humidor is that it should be kept free from obstruction and not be used to hold or prop anything up. A table humidor, depending on the type of table, can usually hold anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand cigars, often embellished with various materials in addition to wood such as marbles, leather or even glass which reveals the cigars below.

From the time that Mr. Marshall personally selects the rarest, most exotic and brilliantly patterned woods to final lacquering and polishing, the humidor has passed 175 individual and delicate procedures. If the lid opens too far, its weight can cause the humidor to flip up or fall over. If the seams aren’t perfect, or if the corners aren’t square, skip that humidor.