Made Craftsman Hand Tools

Recently I saw that Craftsman hand tools were now made in China, I do not have a lot of Craftsman tools and looks like I will not add any more. Big Gator Tools (Louisburg, KS): high quality drill and tap guides, made from an alloyed steel that’s heat treated for durability. We bought some Emeril by AllClad cookware because we read on the box it was made in USA. I think at least 80% of Craftsman customers bought for the sole reason it is one of the few brands you can just go pick up and not have to order. Some products are made in the Far East and imported as a finished item, or parts are made there with final assembly in the U.K. Craftsman farmed out nearly all of its tools to be made in China, not even Taiwan.

Yes, I know that the level of quality of today’s Craftsman is much different than that of the V series, and that they were American made as opposed to being Chinese today, but I feel the Craftsman of yesterday still appeals to much of the same user base as it does today. As for the chinese made ones, we usually include them in the consumables” part of a job, and most get disposed after doing said job, because their operation is not dependable ( screwdrivers that break or flex, destroy screw head, wrenches that are weaker than the screw, etc ).

The Companion tool line replaced the Sears line in the late 1980s and then Companion was replaced by the Evolve tool line around 2008. I received a quality set of American Made prybars, for a price comparable to a lesser quality offbrand. In 1959 the Craftsman ratchet line adopted a distinctive V-shaped shift lever, based on a design described by patent #D185,651 , issued to R.M. Vose in 1959 with assignment to Moore Drop Forging.

Hand tools include sockets, screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, hammers, and others. They manufacture shoes and boots that are considered by many to be the toughest work boots made. This Craftsman 39429 tape measure has a 30 foot long blade; the color of the blade is yellow with black letters. Note that Snap-on doesn’t actually make much beyond their basic hand tools and maybe tool boxes. Now when I do have to use tools to make make repairs or do maintenance I use my Made in the USA hand tools.

The 1999 order prohibits it from, among other things, misrepresenting the extent to which any professional grade hand tools, including wrenches, ratchets, sockets, and chisels, are made in the United States. They may have a decent selection and prices but almost all of their tools are made overseas, usually China. I did some computer work for an Amazon shop that only sells Chinese-made tools. I work in industrial maintenance and beat the out of tools and these have held up. The next several figures show examples of Williams adjustable wrenches produced for the Craftsman brand. The Workshop 1 location has a Sears right down the street from us and the Ace Hardware stores further away.

Originally Posted by woody 73.I can assure you that they (including my wife) could not give a monkeys about where the tool is made as long as it is cheap and they have some kind of replacement warranty. For ratchets, I have to have the good stuff as the internal mechanisms are so much better on the high end tools. I’m guessing Sears either overstocked them or they stayed in production with the offshore manufacturer. If it is for just around the home and garage, I’d suggest going to Walmart or Costco and buy some Stanley tools. Check out Sunex brand if you want a good quality product that’s made overseas but will still hold up to daily abuse.

Used to buy a lot of Craftsman stuff, but enough busted knuckles from poor quality ratchets, and crappy sockets that are easily cracked got old real quick. Craftsman (tools) – wikipedia, free encyclopedia, Craftsman; product type: hand tools, power tools, lawn garden equipment, work wear: owner: kcd ip, llc sears holdings subsidiary 1 country: usa: introduced. When I looked at the Craftsman Professional flare wrench set, I discovered they are now made over seas. Part of the mystique of the Craftsman brand was that the hand tools were proudly Made in the USA. I’m all for buying things which are made in the usa to help support our economy.

Been proud of every time I open a drawer seeing Made in the USA or Forged in the USA on all the Craftsman hand tools. Craftsman will take back all of those items under those conditions (no rust warranty though) and the worst thing that can happen is you get a salesman that does not want to warranty the item so you ask another salesman/manager or go to a different store.