A contemporary blue bedroom features a classic sleigh style bed with a fabric headboard and an ikat bedspread. All Hooker wood veneers are made from renewable resources and are located primarily on the flat surfaces of the furniture, such as the case tops and sides. Instead of rugs or carpeting, the designers chose a dark brown wood floor, a crisp contrast to the white bed and nightstands. The dark wood of the nightstands ties in the dark ceiling fan, making this space fluent and cohesive. Acrylic lamps and gauzy white sheers allow natural light to filter through the space. It can be in the form of a lovely mirrored coffee table or it can even be a framed mirror hanging all by itself on the wall. So the mirrored drawer faces pretty much sat just where you see them in the finished pics.wood and mirrored nightstand

An elegant blend of wavy patterns and mirrored glass panels play really well in the Manhattan Mirrored Nightstand. Kendra source: Utah Valley Parade of Homes website Sweet girl’s room with beige headboard with nailhead trim accented with white ruffled bedding and gray ruffled pillow flanked by mismatched nightstands: Distressed turquoise nightstand with glass double gourd lamp on side of bed as well as etched mirrored nightstand on the other side.

Featuring mirrored doors inset with an intricately-cut quatrefoil lattice finished in burnished Antique Champagne Silver Leaf. This slim line mirrored 3 drawer bedside table is the perfect solution for small spaces when a bedside is needed but there is very little floor space for it to fit in. The veneers add beautiful accents of color and design to the pieces, and are placed over engineered wood product for strength.

Dark gray leather panels create a sumptuous headboard in this bedroom, especially when paired with the bed’s purple and coffee-colored accent pillows. For a refreshing finishing touch, our white bedside cabinet will bring renewed vitality to any decor. The dark wood of the nightstand and table lamp provide a nice contrast to the white headboards and light blue striped bedding in this guest bedroom. Lovely one of a kind Silver Handmade Mirrored Nightstand with textured accents.

Alongside them, wood panels make a dynamic contrast and fun camouflage for the built-in nightstand. Give your bedroom, dressing room, or bathroom an upgrade with mirrored furniture from My Furniture. My advice: Look inside the dresser carcass, and at the rails or stops that are there. My question, my dresser ended up with a few more layers of paint than yours, initially couldn’t find the same chrome paint so I used something else but then I found what you used so I gave it a couple more coats. Why not go all out and pick something really striking and unusual with our Venetian mirrored chest with 4 drawers.

Our Mirrored Furniture prices are extremely competitive, but do not let that fool you with regards to the quality. If your dresser has those, you could remove them and move the stops a little farther into the dresser so that the drawers stop just where you want them. A beautiful dark wood bed and matching nightstands are rich accents in this tropical bedroom. Suzanne sasha alder and her amazing mirrored yellow tufted headboard in house beautiful, march 2010. Blue linens top the dark wood-framed bed, adding a pop of color to this gray bedroom. Romantic, glamorous elements, like the chandelier, mirrored nightstand and sheer curtains behind the bed, balance the dark wood bed frame.

Frame Construction Hooker Furniture uses carefully chosen solid wood and select wood veneers over durable wood products in our furniture construction. A mirrored bedside table fits beautifully into bedrooms by providing a glamourous modern look. For a lot of people, choosing one nightstand means ultimately buying two, one for each side of their bed.

It isn’t enough to find a unique nightstand with a dark cherry finish or a vintage espresso nightstand with three drawers and a large surface area that matches the rug and lampshades you’ve had in your family for generations. Nightstand was bigger than expected but our bed is high so it works great and has a really good amount of storage in the drawers. Our most popular product at Zurleys is the smoked mirrored furniture which is great visually and is of a high quality which you can expect from Zurleys.

This transitional guest room features a gray wall color, striped and paisley bed pillows and dark brown wood nightstands. Create a bedroom just for you with a dresser or chest that offer timeless design and functionality. Made to be durable, theMirage Mirrored Cabinet features a tough construction of engineered wood, metal, and mirror. Add a bit of glamourous shine to your bedroom by adding a mirrored bedside table to reflect your room’s colour and style. Mirrored furnishings provide a great opportunity to enhance lighting in a room but also add a retro feel to a room too.

Found in many choices on eBay, mirrored furniture creates a clean, uncluttered look to a bedroom and draws out the colours of the walls and bedspread. Inspired by the Italian Venetian period this mirrored furniture collection is very opulent and adds a touch of glamour to compliment both modern and traditional styles. Dark wood nightstands with simple white table lamps add simple lines to the room. The mirrored headboard and matching nightstand and dresser are an unexpected surprise, while damask bedding adds a formal look.

Discounted mirrored furniture is great all round furniture and it is a perfect way to get high quality styles at affordable prices. The bedroom is a great place to put the mirrored furniture that you buy from Mirrorz Online. Degrease the back of your mirrors well (windex or ammonia work fine), and also wipe down the nightstand. Hooker Furniture chooses solid woods and select wood veneers over wood frames to construct their high-quality pieces.