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Gun safes for sale – We are specialists in locking gun cabinets and gun boxes. Their product line spans from small, portable hand gun safes, custom made depository safes, security safes, electronic safes, wall safes and tons more. Gun safes certainly aren’t an item that malfunctions often, but just in case yours does, these are important factors to consider ahead of time. If budget is a consideration, you can opt for used vaults or cheap gun safes since these do not easily wear out with time. It is imperative that you store your firearms in a high quality gun safe that is only accessible if you have the combination or key.

While fireproof gun safes don’t offer quite the same level of protection as a true fire safe, they can often still keep their contents safe for considerably long periods of time under intense heat. Purchasing a gun safe is an option that every responsible gun owner should consider, and for a good number of reasons — with many extending past the obvious of theft protection. These support the gun front and rear very securely; your guns won’t shake loose as you open and close the door. Cars and truck exteriors already lock, so the security on vehicle gun safes are less critical.

For a gun safe that can’t be easily defeated with pry bars, axes, or other brute force methods, you’re looking at $1,400 to $5,000 brand new, depending on size and fire protection. We offer many different styles including corner gun cabinets, carousel gun cabinets, wall gun cabinets, a variety of sizes, and plenty of custom options to make sure you get the perfect custom gun cabinet for your needs. They do at least offer the comfort that if the safe is ever stolen then the thief is going to have a terribly hard time actually getting the gun outside.

Safes are very heavy and very hard to move, especially up and down stairs, so you want to make sure that you pick one that you are not going to have to replace as soon as you get that new gun that you’ve been eyeing for Christmas. Vinyl-coated to protect gun barrels from dings and scratches, the Handgun Hanger will fit barrel bores as small as22 caliber. Almost any type will work in the back of a SUV, but some manufacturers make specialty gun safes just for SUVs. Lastly, perhaps one of the best options to consider is purchasing a gun safe online.

Because all gun safes are relatively expensive (compared to other gun storage options) it makes sense to consider what you want very carefully before you buy. Since UL testing is expensive, commercial grade gun safe manufacturers sometimes build their safes in a manner consistent with UL 687 tests but don’t get them certified or recertified. There are also companies or organizations that rates gun safes—make sure that you purchase your gun container with a better rating, if not the best.

A used commercial safe can often be purchased for less than a new gun safe and can offer you quite a bit more protection. Most of these models come with key or Simplex locks, which are excellent choices for vehicles and small gun safes. If you’re interested in biometrics, click here to learn about biometric gun safe locks and why you can’t trust most of them. The factory-direct gun safe manufacturers usually use these companies for local installation and service of their products. This is one the smallest full size gun safes that Fortress makes and will hold up to 14 guns. Most of these biometric gun safes have all of the problems of the electronic quick access gun safes, and then add some more.

Gun cabinet and gun locker mechanical dial and electronic keypad combination locks will not carry a proper UL 768 rating at this price point so avoid them, especially electronic keypad and biometric locks A separate article covered what type of gun safe lock to choose in detail. Today’s gun safes pretend to be safes but are not Gun owners buy them expecting burglary protection for their valuables.

These gun safes are available with heavier gauge steel than most conventional gun safes, and the panels are hand fitted at the factory for a tight fit. All that’s left to do now is to decide which gun safe is best for you and make the purchase. My favorite was a hiding place under a step on a set of very nice wooden stairs, accessible from both on the steps or below, in different ways. Included in Liberty’s product line are gun safes, closet safes, biometric safes, tactical vaults, and fire safes. The 16 Gun capacity HS40221160 from Homak comes in a textured hunter green finish with gold hardware to compliment. Some gun cabinets are made from wood and it may contain brass hardware for locking.

Now that you know what you should or should not do when you purchase your own gun safes, you might want to visit Gun Mate for their huge selection of rifle and gun vaults. There are a lot of options and variations with this type of safe, ranging from fireproofing to being made to fit in a corner, but anytime we refer to a gun safe, we’re talking about an upright safe made specifically for storing firearms. This means that our gun cabinets and safes have undergone extensive testing and simulated break-ins at an independent testing wooden gun cabinets

Custom Gun Cabinets : Handcrafted in Texas, these are some of the most beautiful gun cabinets anywhere. Homak specializes in gun safes, security cabinets, pistol boxes, wall safes and personal safes. To find the best gun safe for your investment, stick to well- known brands, read up on gun safe reviews, and look for legitimate security ratings. If you still can’t quite make up your mind, don’t go out to the nearest gun safe sale and pick the cheapest one. Also, there are gun safes that are made to fit into spaces you may not think of putting a safe.

We’ve talked a lot about how a gun safe can keep your weapons safe from a fire, but, in reality, not every safe is capable of doing this. While this kind of locking gun cabinet looks wonderful, it does not offer any truly viable level of safe gun storage, accept against small children. Factory direct safes are often some of the best gun safes available and can be purchased by contacting the factory.