Mahogany Wall Clocks

This beautifully made clock in a wooden enclosure features a stylish clock gilded frame which gives it a stylish character. This Pendulum Wall Clock in Walnut Finish features a round cream face with Roman numerals, an on/off switch, a functional pendulum, and bim-bam chime. The front corners of the waist section are fitted with turned quarter columns that are decorated with line inlays and are ring turned about half way up. These terminate in turned wooden quarter capitals. Clocks fitted with wooden pull-up movements were wound through the door opening.

David Wood was born the son of John and Eunice Wood in Newburyport, Massachusetts on July 5, 1766. During the payment (via pay pal) please state what kind of wood you prefer: Alder, Sycamore, Beech and Oak. This clock under a glass dome was so popular, Ansonia, which had its factories at Ansonia, Connecticut at the time, bought him out. With the usual mark-ups that clock sellers use, this clock went on the consumer’s market for between three to five thousand dollars. We recommend the use to finish the old wall clocks, antique furniture, banisters, curtain rails and many other uses.

This high-quality clock has a distinctive Liverpool Chippendale case with a stepped top, blind fretwork, chamfered corners with a raised panel on the base and the correct feet. Thus, Boston’s clock workshops imported hundreds of complete clock movements from the United Kingdom , including some from Robert Roskell of Liverpool Willard workshops produced some of their own movements as well.

Ornamental Fences: Find Customer-Rated Fencing Contractor and Fences Articles Nantucket Redwood Finials – Hoover Fence Company Nantucket Finials Redwood. Clock keys are also common, in materials from brass to steel, while custom keys for clocks made by manufacturers such as Ansonia are also available. These types of wood have been selected because of the mechanical possibilities of the material, the ease in obtaining the smooth finish and the price of raw material.

The label would suggest the 1870s date, and Ansonia, as the place of manufacture for this clock. A metal finial may decorate the peak of a gable roof, but stone finials decorate the sides and top of buildings. If you have a clock or a watch that you are wanting to sell, please e-mail us with several, good photos and a description and we will let you know if we are interested. Lamp finials are often made of metal although some are formed from glass or synthetic materials. The standard tall clock dial for this period measures 12 inches from side to side.

Moreover, clock finials are being offered by top-rated eBay sellers, so go ahead and make your decision with assurance. The power to move the cogs and wheels of this type of clock was produced by heavy weights that had to be wound up daily. THE timber movement: in this gallery you will see many pictures of the quite a lot of wooden add-ons in the three-instruct action, together with the gears and pulleys. The clock workshops relied on approximately 20 factories, which were spread throughout a 400-meter radius. Coming directly from an estate where it was well cared for many years, this handsome clock is ready to be appreciated again in another home.

Simon Willard manufactured compact models, including his own Banjo clock However, the ambitious Simon was more interested in building clocks for important buildings and attending to special requests. This clock retains the original hands, pendulum, weights, brass door escutcheon and a nice early crank key. Buying an antique clock is full of pitfalls for the inexperienced, if what you want is a genuine antique clock, with all its original parts.wood clock finials

Antique Vienna Regulator Mahogany Wall Clock Horse – an elaborate and immaculate walnut veneered fusee wall clock with Arabic numbers to the enameled dial, turned finials and pillars. Transform your room into an inside of a pirate ship with this Pendulum Wall Clock in Mahogany Finish. Clock collectors and novelty collectors love the history and physical appearance of these clock finials. Three items affect the value of a clock: age, the intrinsic merit of the clock and case, and the name of the maker. With nice bargains for clock finials on eBay, you can be done with missing key pieces in your clock collection.