Childrens Kids Wooden Dollhouse Buying Guide

The purpose of this guide is to help you select a sturdy and fun wooden dollhouse (1:12 inch scale that is intended for dolls approximately 5-6 inches tall). I purchased the first wooden dollhouse for my children prior to becoming a retailer of dollhouses. House comes with furniture and two monster high dolls along with several Winx dolls and a scooter. I picked up Melissa and Doug’s Multi-Level Solid Wood Dollhouse as a gift for my niece when she turned 4 earlier this month after spotting it in Amazon’s Holiday Toy Catalog.

Yes I can build your dollhouse kit, I have been building quality custom dollhouses for 26 years and still love the work. Valued at $150, this dollhouse is move-in ready (ha!) and comes with 19 pieces of moveable furniture. There is a built-in handle best suited for an adult to easily carry the dollhouse to its desired location for imaginative play. Including, from ‘simple as that’, this amazing and creative DIY dollhouse bookshelf made from an old upcycled bookcase. Please send me pictures of the kit and the name of the kit company and the name of the kit style.

Dollhouse Mansions offers a variety of quality dollhouse kits, assembled dollhouses and finished dollhouses. This option includes kitchen, bedroom, dining, and living room furniture sets as can be seen in the photos above. Yes, I built dollhouses for the cancer society for 10 years, you could call my cell 203 768-3816 or email me at dollhousemansions@ if you have any questions or need me to complete any dollhouse work for you. Choose from a large range of doll’s house furniture and accessories providing ongoing Birthdays and Christmas gifts for years to come.

Furnish your dream dollhouse with our detailed dollhouse furniture sets that add oodles of homey charm to every room. The movable parts of this particular dollhouse are well-tailored for younger children – sturdy, smooth and easy to grasp. I was missing two pages of the directions, which the company is supposed to email to me. The roof assembly is also incorrect in the kit I received. Complete with two cherry storage creates to store your dollhouse accessories and more. A natural finish dollhouse can later be revisited by an older child who decides they want to paint or decorate the house and have the skill set to do so!

The design of this dollhouse makes it easy to store or interact with against a wall, or it can be positioned for your child to play around all four sides of it. A true classic toy, a dollhouse is one toy that children return to again and again. Dollhouse Mansions offers pre-finished assembled dollhouses, some with wallpaper, flooring, and trim work completed are available.

With classic lines and the warmth of natural wood, this dollhouse will make a lovely addition to any child’s playroom. In our home, the dolls and doll house furniture are played with more than the dolhouse itself. The perfectly proportioned pieces are made from solid wood in a natural finish with bright red trim, and all the doors and drawers open and close for added play value. This dollhouse is the perfect gift for the holidays or wooden dollhouse is sure to build cherished childhood memories. Order in the standard or large size, and furnish the house with miniature dollhouse furniture!

A quality wooden dollhouse for 5-6 inch sized dolls (not fashion size 11.5 inch dolls) dollhouse, from a well-known trustworthy manufacturer average between $50-$180. We also got a few of the other Melissa & Doug furniture sets to go with the house… it’s a very attractive dollhouse overall and provides plenty of entertainment and pretend play for kids. I think it could easily be fixed with some cardboard from a box or a small piece of wood if you wanted. For a beautiful, hand-crafted wood dollhouse that is very well made and easy to put together (half hour tops), the price is exceptional!

Kyle only needed his screwdriver and the included diagrams, and voila — a standing dollhouse in the time it takes to assemble Ikea shelving. DIY Wooden Dollhouse Miniature Kit w/ LED light & music control happy time-English instruction. The inside could be finsished/custoimized with paint, rugs, contact paper for wallpaper etc, like my dollhouse was when I was little. We find that most of out customers prefer to select their own wallpaper, carpeting, wood floors, lighting fixtures, and any other decisions that personalize their dollhouse.

The dollhouse is a blank slate; kids are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination. Expand the possibilities for play with figurines that are perfectly scaled for this dollhouse – See our other listings for matching Budkins. Dollhouse furniture sets can be found by the room, as complete sets, or included with the dollhouse. Most of the doll’s houses do not come with furniture and where they are included, it is made clear.