Wood Lathe Tool Rest Holder For Sale

This bequeath jibe wholly lathes that have Wood lathe tool rest holder antiophthalmic factor tierce quatern puppet post holder. Thus the inexpensive angle iron Lee Valley tool rests ($29 for a 24 inch rest; $36 for a 36 inch length rest) and the typically available moderately priced cast iron Delta tool rests ($90-95 dollars depending on source) come with short tool rest posts (approximately 2.25 inches past the bottom of the tool support bar for both the LVs and for the Delta).

I’ve long used the Phil Irons Tool Gate offered by Woodcut (discussed below and reviewed last year in my Brief Review of Hollowing Tools) and I like its plastic tool gates, but this new system from BWT is a significant advancement beyond it. The BWT rest lets me choose from any of the Iron’s tool gates, similar gates I’ve made from aluminum and Delrin, and the BWT vertical pins (and in the near future, a tool gate designed by BWT will also be available).

Same old principles….. set the tool height at center or a few thou below, use common sense regarding depth of cut and rate of feed and experiment with it…Unfortunately that American center post tool mounting system can be a bit restrictive as the small tool tips limit the shapes you can grind, however since it is high speed steel you can easily grind profiles as you need them but the most versatile ones are the left and right straight and the round nose.

It is my favorite exterior rest for the size bowls it is intended for, in that it is very rigid due to its central post, usually allows the turning tools to be positioned close to the work, and makes it easier to cut most of the outside of a bowl in a single pass, as opposed to some of the J shapes which usually require at least one tool rest adjustment to keep the rest close to the work.

The downside of this tool is that such sideways levering can result in the tool wanting to climb up the walls of the V shape, which is particularly troublesome for larger shafts that are more shallowly seated in the V. Also, the tool gate’s solid metal surfaces can be hard on tool shafts, though this can be improved somewhat by layering the inside of the V with UHMW tape (but at the cost that wall climbing is made even easier).

A good gate greatly assists in delicate tool control, allows for leverage of the shaft against a sidewall (helpful when using the side of cutting tools), limits catches and prevents kickback from a tool which drifts out of position in the form, and can be positioned such that it will protect you from bumping tool shafts against the mouth of a fragile hollow form.

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The cost of a wood lathe is one of the most important aspects of a machine aside from functionality. It’s what a metal lathe does, and the biggest mistake I see novice turners make is trying to emulate a metal lathe. I’ve found that the BestWoodTools Adjustable Bowl Rest system is what I most often use for bowls, the BestWoodTools Adjustable Pin rest (special ordered with two extra holes for home made gates) as my preferred hollowing rest, and now the KISS rest as my almost constantly used straight tool rest. You’ll want to make a spindle steady, or maybe find a used one cheap that fits your lathe bed.wood lathe tool rest holder