Loft Conversions

A space-saving piece of furniture, the loft bed provides functional area where a desk, chair, dresser, or shelf can sit beneath a bed above. Also, you can more easily use the loft to store temperature-sensitive items, as a ‘cold roof’ can get very hot in the summer. Some loft bed plans are architectural havens for children who want to occupy space that looks like a castle or Victorian-styled structure. The first task of our new DIY loft conversion project was to clear out the junk, no mean feat given there was 20 years’ worth of 6 people’s (I have three brothers) diy

The new floor will need at least 30 minutes of fire-protection, which could mean re-plastering the ceilings below it and the loft room will have to be separated by a fire door, either at the top or bottom of the new stairs. And two, remember, your kids are only small once, so wether jumping head first into building a loft or going all out with some kids decor, it’s totally worth it. My child has a full size bed and complete bedroom suite and would rather have this, haha!

It would almost be like a bunk bed but built higher and wider with extra support brackets to keep it sturdy. In the vast majority of casse the existing stairwell in the best place to start thinking about situating your new stairs to go up into the loft. Where landing and vertical space is limited, it is not unusual for the smallest bedroom to be sacrificed in order to position a staircase up to the new loft room(s). A dormer conversion is usually developed when additional full height space is required in the loft room. Unroll the first length so it fits between the joists or sits on top of the existing insulation. For concerned parents, this bed is also supported by a ladder and wall brackets.

We did not apply boarding right up to the edges of the attic preferring to have unboarded strips all round for access, reduced cost & weight. Child’s Bedroom with Elevated Plywood Bed and Paper Lantern – love idea of a lofted bed with storage underneath! Lay the bed frame on its side and connect the posts one at a time to each corner of the bed platform using lag bolts.

Loft insulation rolls are usually 1140mm wide, so you’ll probably need to cut it to fit. Also, when we decide to move, if we move it with us, the only thing we have to do is dissassemble it just like any old Ikea bed. We have this nook between the end of the bed and the closet where my husband build book storage onto the wall (see below) so I wanted to go another route. Plans from this page are not to be used for commercial purposes or republished without the express written consent of Rayan Turner, The Design Confidential I hope to provide accurate plans, however, I cannot guarantee each plan for accuracy. Traditional access hatches are usually quite small with no retractable loft ladder.

Note that alternate tread stairs and spiral staircases will not be accepted unless there is absolutely no space to accommodate a normal staircase. These boards, produced by companies like Celotex or Kingspan, are ideal for insulating loft spaces. The hardest part of a DIY loft bed project can be choosing a plan that fits the living space. In this method, you should be able to easily assemble and disassemble the bed without destroying the finish.

A rooflight conversion does not involve extending the loft area at all, placing skylights flush with the existing roofline for light and ventilation. It saved us a lot of money and (at the time) seemed the only way to get the job done the way we wanted it. We were also lucky that we have quite a vertically spacious loft space – keep in mind that an extra 200mm of insulation is height lost inside the attic. It’s imperative there’s enough head height in the loft where the new stairs will end.

I don’t have a cut list or plans with exact dimensions to share with you because as much as Tim hated it, a lot of this project needed to be measured and cut one 2×4 at a time. If you have limited head roof within your roof space, TVM Lofts can create the conversion by means of a Roof Lift Loft Conversion , by supplying and installing new attic trusses or just the addition of a dormer.

And, of course, you also know that this is the most important stage as if you prepare well then the building should go without any trouble and you’ll have your new loft conversion ready to go before you know it. And all by your own fair hand! So if you decide to insulate your loft you may also need to increase the amount of ventilation, and in that case you’ll need Building Control Approval. A loft conversion is one of the quickest and easiest ways of creating a substantial amount of living space in your home, without stealing space from your garden. The filler pieces will hold your rail boards (the one’s you did not glue down in step 2) in place for now.

Loft stairs, fully insulated floor, walls and roof-ceiling, timber framed, plaster-boarded and plastered all round, power points. A mansard conversion adds a considerable amount of space to a loft room, usually at the back. If you have a trussed roof, any loft conversion company is capable of converting this space. I could see him at some point being excited and either bouncing around on the bed itself, or running up the stairs, only to trip and fall into the diy

The Vancouver DIY loft T8 Loft kit is exceptional for creating more room in small living spaces. Well my friends, you should now have a basic idea about what converting your own loft will involve. If done incorrectly, your loft storage space could be considered an unpermitted development, or worse, it could cause damage to your home and potentially present a serious hazard to you and your family. One very important thing that needs considering is the head height allowance in the loft where the new stairs will emerge.

Here at Attic & Loft Company, we specialise in the installation of loft storage rooms We have a team of experts, from designers to electricians, who can take care of every aspect of the installation. Plans submitted prior to this date fall under the previous guidance, which required self-closing devices on all the lower doors, but you should be able to apply to adopt the new approach. Protective cylindrically shaped fire protectors, which are called loft caps or loft covers, are available and it is essential to invest in these before you install your insulation. There’s not much point in converting the loft space if it means losing an entire room on the first floor.

As the loft space had originally been built to only support a moderate load, we had to replace the existing joists with new ones double the size (6” x 2”), as well as ensure they were supported from below by load-bearing walls. Around this time last year, my retired father and I set to work converting our storage loft space into a… well, we didn’t really know what, other than we were ‘doing a loft conversion’.