1000 Ideas About Wooden Planters On Pinterest

For over 50 years, WDI Company has created beautiful, high-quality custom wooden boxes for hundreds of business clients. He assured me that the only lasting way to treat wood is with a mixture of engine sump oil and creosote! An L-shaped planter box can fit nicely against a corner or nestled beside a taller planter box, as this one is. These boxes fit wonderfully in any size garden or on any patio. Another pallet garden concept reuses boards from old pallets – without having to pull any nails. It looks great- is well made and is the perfect size for an easy to use garden area. First of all, since they’re designed to hold water, they won’t drain, which is not a good thing in an outdoor garden bed. In most cases, cedar is the best wood to use for garden beds because cedar is naturally rot resistant.wooden garden boxes how to build

What with all the work of transferring our belongings, there wasn’t time to spare for digging garden beds before planting. The prices include wood from Home Depot, weed mat ordered from ($.50 per foot), home made Mel’s mix ($2/cu ft). On a garden this size, good, solid, 200x50mm planks will ensure the garden holds it shape and two plankseach side will give you a comfortable 400mm working height. Wood pallets could perhaps be cleaned up as an industry when it comes to chemical treatments.

For this project you will need a raised bed garden plan, 2 x 4s, a 4 x 4 post, tape measure, pencil, square, drill with bits and screw-driving bits, a circular saw, work gloves, soil, landscape fabric, shovel, hoe, level, utility knife, sawhorses, soil, wheelbarrow, and a soaker hose. After seeds have emerged, cover bare soil with an organic mulch such as bark, leaf mold or chipped wood.

Have the necessary tools for this DIY project lined up before you start—you’ll save time and frustration. I work in Philadelphia with community gardens and as the population ages am looking for ideas to build raised beds. You can build this 4×8 raised bed with basic carpentry skills (see the instructions on page two, at the end of this article). Plus, you can line the bottom of your beds with netting before you build to stop burrowing pests.wooden garden boxes how to build

We built a raised-bed garden out of cinderblocks recently but recently received a notice from our home owner’s association that cinder blocks inhibit the drainage of water from our property. I have about 10 pallets of different sizes, all we’re gathered from a single source, my local garden nursery where I used to work. The plan is to replace all the boxes in the main garden as the crops are harvested.