DIY Audio Speaker Box Building Guide

Look up the manufacturer specs for the optimal volume for each driver and the displacement for each driver. Well, you can hook one speaker to one channel if you want to keep it simple, you can also hook up three speakers to one channel, or four speakers to two channels… what you want to do is wire the speakers in a way to present the nominal load on your amp, which is usually 4 or 2 ohms. The result is a DIY stereo system that will outperform sleeker speaker docks or portable speakers that cost two to three times as much. Adam has put together another fine looking set of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Speaker Cables for his DIY 3-Way Hi-Vi Tower Loudspeakers.

Harrison-Tech Audio is a speaker program that allows you to custom design speaker enclosures based on the parameters of over 6000 different drivers. The speaker enclosure, or box, is built specifically to maximize the sound output of the speakers chosen, and to house the battery and amplifier. However they are of severely limited use when designing a guitar speaker your own speaker box

If you want your portable audio device to last longer than 30 minutes on a single charge then you probably don’t want to run a 1000 watt amplifier off of a 7 amp hour 12 volt battery. Looking good so far… This baffle board will be spray painted flat black on the front to make sure the light wood doesn’t show through the speaker grill cloth. Once the first layer is dry, build another 6 layers or so. Don’t fiberglass over the hole the speaker goes, but please glass the whole baffle (so some over-glassing will happen). There is an easy way to test how far the North Pole Speaker Box’s field reaches when zappicating.

You can find lots of info on how to build a boominator at the boominator thread on I plan to build one of these, I will document the build, and let you know how it sounds. If that’s your leaning, Parts Express is a well-stocked and reliable source for speaker builders and a good place to start. You can also build exactly what you want, with the size and appearance you want or for any specialized application. A. you can build a box that is sized, tuned, and built for the speakers you’ve chosen, which will be your best sounding your own speaker box

I always wanted to splurge and get a copy of this software for my speaker building hobby-this is the SW that Madisound uses for their custom crossover and speaker design services. Speaker Enclosures are more than just wood pieces randomly thrown together and screwing speakers into them. When you have completed your enclosure, it is important to make sure the speaker is at least close to your design specs. To Zappicate a pet, simply place the North Pole Speaker Box under their bedding, connect to a 1 kHz zapper and turn the unit on. For homemade units, an upside down cardboard box or plastic storage container works great as a platform.

I glued one layer thick of wadding inside the box on all walls, except on the Front baffle (The panel where the driver is mounted). High density fibre board (which is a good substitute for birch ply), nice drivers and filters in a pre-designed box…can’t go wrong with the average I guess. Once the box is put together apply silicone along all wall joints including interior chamber walls, and screwed or stapled areas to make an airtight seal.