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The 4-way wedge : Looks like a cross blade and allows the split done into 4 pieces. Care must be taken when choosing electric motors there are many different types with the same hp. ratingSome will fail completely where some types may last forever. Idasho, I have a splitter very similar to that, but it’s green and seems to be an old Poulan. Log Lift : Especially useful for horizontal log splitters, a log lift moves the wood into the machine. If it is big diameter the 12-14-18-25 ton models can have a lifting arm to stand the log up. If you are splitting fairly clean wood of some size and want to make multiple pieces you can consider making a ‘star shaped’ wood splitter

The thing about the spool being hand operated is there is not much chance of getting them the beam is wide enough to sit the log on without holding it in place. So, if you don’t need extra power, they are the best log splitter variety for your needs. Kits to build your own Commercial grade log splitter or parts in stock to repair wood splitters at a wholesale price.

This includes commercial, residential and any wood splitter in between including tractor 3-point and skid steer wood splitters. Honestly, making one isn’t that cheap anymore unless you get parts really cheap or are used old stuff. I think I would like to find plans for a vertical version unless the horizontal version is easier to build, better. Someone recently posted that there are plans available, but I don’t think they are needed by most mechanically-minded people. There is also a picasa page full of images showing all the different parts and how to put them wood splitter

Once we get it back here I can get all the pad eyes welded on the tank for the 3-point hitch, and hopefully get a coat of paint on the splitter this weekend. Vertical log splitters also offer a more stable platform when you are going to be working on uneven ground or slopes. If you scrounge all the parts and built it yourself, the cost is your time and consumables for the welder. The automatic ram return will prepare it for the next log – this helps you to get an efficient rhythm going. This will push the log into the wedge and the force will split it into smaller pieces.

Vertical log splitters are generally designed to be used in either the horizontal or vertical position, although not as convenient of a layout for horizontal use as a horizontal designed splitter. In order to be sure that your homemade wood splitter will operate at its peak efficiency, glance over the following tips before you begin the construction.

Because I feel I need to guide the rod to reduce damage to it. I feel the friend that gave his started project to me only split small 6-8” dia wood for his stove. Dimensions By measuring with a ruler in this picture you can learn the dimensions of all visible parts of the splitter. With a vertical splitter big logs just need to be rotated to the next splitting position. Buying a TM SkidSplitter means you won’t have to buy another splitter ever again.

It Comes equipped with a 15 Amps 3 Horsepower Motor which gives it ample power to even the wet logs as well. The Dirty Hand Tools 100171 is a gas powered log splitter, and at 22 tons of splitting force, it’s a lot stronger than the other two options above. And I can see how that ram speed would put you cords ahead of a hydraulic splitter over the course of time. I made a simpel scetch of the first splitter in scale 1:10 where I noticed the changes that should be done. I read threads online where owners who process wood claim to have split over 3 thousand cords without any issues.

I called ahead and lo and behold they had no plans to bring a lift gate truck for delivery so I was able to request it. They must think people have fork lifts in residential neighborhoods or something. Take special care on which wedge you will use and get a log splitter plan with a detailed parts list and check those possible parts suppliers before you think about how to build a wood splitter. Then, he says, you can return to headquarters with your chain saw and other tools carried on the splitter table. The Forest Master Duocut is the worlds fastest and most powerful manual hydraulic powered vertical and horizontal log splitter.

I think the main reason it is so hard is the plate is on the floor, when I get the padeyes made for the 3-point hitch this morning and can raise the splitter off the ground I’m sure it will be easier! This makes wood small enough to handle easily, and it also opens up the bark for better drying. If you are in the business of splitting wood or just want a high quality New Zealand made splitter this machine will not disappoint.

At Wood Splitters Direct, we carefully consider not only log splitter reviews for each model that we stock, but also the reputation of the brand itself, as well as the overall integrity of the manufacturer before we ever offer a log splitter for sale. Complete with its own stand, this log splitter works with all types of wood including green and seasoned wood.

Flipping a lever engages a rack and pinion gear mechanism, harnessing the inertia of the flywheels to push the log forward into the stationary wedge, splitting the wood. There are three primary reasons why having an electric log splitter might be more advantageous than a gas log splitter, so if any of them make sense to you, this could be the way to go in terms of purchasing the right splitter for your needs. We personally think seeing is believe when it comes to the sheer power of of a skid steer log splitter. Search for ‘ rhyas stand ‘ This is where the RHYAS Log Splitter comes in to its own.

Another option for additional revenue for wood cutters is to expand services beyond firewood sales. Whether you are looking for a gas, electric or manual log splitter you can find it here, along with a large selection of log splitter accessories as well. When designing your log splitter take into consideration the throughput you would like to achieve.

The 13 gallon pump from surplus supply, the wheels and axle where from a pull behind trailer for motocycles, the engine was a honda look alike and it runs great for 130.00 (brand new) and the steel I found at a construction site who dismanteled steel buildings or bridges. Well, we feature three quality wedges and two excellent log splitters for you to consider.

Of course, a device that uses 10 tons of pressure to drive a log into a blade has the potential to cause serious injury. If you are already using wood fuel then hopefully you already know the following. I need at least 2 full cords during the long winter up here in the Great White North and with this splitter life will be much easier and productive. With this feature, you are guaranteed an opportunity to continuously use it for you entire log splitting needs without having to worry about the machine running low on battery or even the gas exhausting. The hydraulic cylinder presses the log into the wedge, the split pieces fall to each side of the splitter.

Some models are specifically designed to handle wood of certain diameter and length. If you’re looking for a wood splitter of a certain size or configuration whether it be powered via gas, electric, hydraulic etc. The machine mounted splitter and the kinetic version are fast and impressive, but they’re also expensive. The screw-type log splitter from Titan Attachments is a fast, safe, and efficient way to process lumber. It is built with the professional grade hydraulic system whose main aim is to offer the users a much effective log splitter.

Having the best manual log splittter can be very economical as its quite cheap compared to the electric or a gas log splitter and does not consume electricity or gas as its all done manually with a hydraulic pump attached to it, making it even more cheaper to use and without any maintenance. There are even log splitters with a built-in lift, to reduce the strain of picking up heavy logs.

From our epic selection of traditional gas log splitters and powerful electric log splitters to our unstoppable 3-point tractor log splitters and dynamic skid steer log splitters , there isn’t a project – commercial or residential – that’s too big or too small for the range of tools you’ll find here at Wood Splitter Direct. Gas wood splitters have some of the fastest cycle times for midrange tonnage in the industry.

We carry the some of the most trusted, dependable, well known names like Swisher and Oregon who have been making log splitters for over a half a century. If you’re a regular when it comes to cutting multiple cords of wood throughout the year (commercial or personal use), then you should air to have both power and speed. Put some trays on each side so you don’t have to bend over and pick up split wood off of the ground. BTW Sam, i’m not bigging up the splitter i’m talking about, other than re one or two points.

So, I designed a different sort of wood chopper — one in which the cylinder moves vertically to slice through logs that are just placed on a ground-level platform underneath the machine’s cutting edge. Small annoyances aside, this is the best log splitter if you have modest needs and want the additional safety of the 2 handed operation. If an oak piece is good enough to pop for ya, there’s no sense making a full stroke.