Paintings & Photography



I have been fortunate enough to have a passion to learn more & more about art whether it’s freehand skill with the hand or photography through the eye. They truly connect because I see little purpose in rendering pictures of animals unless the story is intriguing. In terms of botanical art, there should be great design and feeling. Both subjects need great compositions as art to pull the viewer in.

So, as I progressed in art with a desire to make great paintings, my thought process was: If I can learn to take good pictures, surely those pictures can transfer into great fine art oil paintings.

So I furthered my education taking several photography classes at Arizona State University. To my surprise, I had a real knack for it and another delight – I enjoyed it as much as painting. It’s a different love. Capturing subjects on camera is exciting and can bring drama.

But capturing an animal “alive” on canvas art has it’s own reward: it’s a different challenge because now you’re relying on what your eyes are seeing and what your hand can do to make that animal alive as oppose to capturing a subject already alive through photography.


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