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Non Profit Organization.

Why do we need them? It wasn’t long into my painting career I learned how many of the faces I love to paint – need desperate help! Some seem relatively simple solutions, like educating people about the dangers of owning a wild animal. One cat rescue in particular – The Non Profit Organization: Big Cat Rescue in Tampa, FL is home to over a 100 Big Cats, many whose situation could have been avoided. Others are saved from a cruel abusive fate much worse.

More complicated situations involve the endangered snow leopard. They’re hunted and killed because they prey on the local livestock – which is the main source of income for these people on that side of the world. These people have to protect their ability to survive and feed their families. Non Profit Organization, Snow Leopard Trust works closely with them and thankfully now, they have opened doors to multiple sources of income streams, which is a win-win for both the farmers and the snow leopard.

Amur Leopard & Amur Tiger face dangers also of being hunted, though it’s more about sport than protecting a livelihood in the regions around Russia.

Non Profit Organization Amur Leopard Conservation of London continues their protection for the cats, working with countries that border their territories.

In 2001 China established the Hunchun Tiger Leopard Reserve along the border. Large tracts of suitable forest habitat remain in NE China, and with improved forest management and anti-poaching they can expect the Amur tiger and leopard to make a comeback there. There are already indications that tiger and leopard populations in NE China have started to recover.

Non Profit Organization: Born Free.

This Non Profit Organization goes back to the film “Born Free” and Elsa the lioness that stole everyone’s heart.

Their work abroad has made a huge impact for all the animals in their region. Born Free never forgets the individual. Every animal counts. Their emergency teams rescue vulnerable animals from appalling lives of misery in tiny cages and give them lifetime care at spacious sanctuaries. Born Free saves orphaned big cats, great apes and elephants, providing their food and care.

And of course don’t forget the horses. This one is pretty horrific. One of the largest industries for women in our country is “hormones” for those that have entered through the change cycle. The pills are composed from solutions of pregnant mares. These mares live their life in constant pregnancy and the foals they produce – are a discarded byproduct sent to slaughter. It is a tragic, disgraceful, unnecessary evil. Non Profit Organization: Equine Voices in Arizona rescues many of these foals, in addition to the numerous other horses facing death. The reasons range from neglect to abuse.

Without a Non Profit Organization involved, these animals and their situations would never improve. They have extraordinary expenses from equipment to monitor to feeding those being cared for on acreage. I have partnered with each of these Non Profit Organizations for anyone desiring an Original piece of fine art or Giclee’ print of an available artwork – a generous portion of the sale goes directly to support those above. It’s the least I can do, as these animals have provided much joy to me when I paint. I’m united in the belief with these dedicated Non Profit Organizations that we can find better solutions for their survival and co-existence with us.

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