shadowsHerberger Theater and Art Gallery. I’ll be perfectly honest with you, I’ve always thought this is good piece of art, it just came together very effortlessly…

But truly, when I submitted for this exhibition, I thought they would go for one of the horse art paintings submitted. Why? because the majority of my fine art on canvas that has sold, has been horses. No question, the local shows have sold these horse pictures, as well as the Aspen Galleries. However, the Herberger Theater art exhibit coming up this fall is titled “Nocturne”…perhaps the time of day in this wildlife art really grabbed the curator.

The lesson here my friends…never be your own judge. I almost didn’t submit this piece and yet this is the one they chose. When it comes to art, let others “tell you”- don’t sabotage yourself and merit before one even has a chance to provide input and feedback. While you may “know” your art better than anyone else, the other half of the battle in order to be successful at exhibiting and selling it.

It comes down to how it affects someone else once you’ve signed your name. It’s not about you, it’s about them. The more of “them” you have on your side, the more successful you will be in your creative endeavors.