Life beyond the “Squishy.” Life is always a turning tide over here. But, I like it on my terms. I work hard, believe in that ethic for education and reward. There are so many things to do and left to do and I haven’t even started a family yet. My children are a big Fuzz and two littler fuzzes; 1 large Bernard Pyrenees mix and two cats. I love to sleep, not a morning person, but a night owl.

Hercules knows because we usually don’t end up going out for the morning walk before 9:30 am, then workout and breakfast close to 11 am.

Deborah workoutWhich brings me to the workout pics here, going through Insanity, I’ve had it and done well with it in the past. But like so many of us, things got put before my health for a bit…so it was back to “squishy.” I hate it. I hate the way I feel and look in “squishy” mode. You know you’re better than that and sold yourself short – know what I mean? Here is the first week, with day 1 and day 6.

That’s been the thread that has carried me through everything in my career.

-Went to College for Computer Animation
Even after two film credits, it is an unsteady industry running after temporary contract work.

-Did the Corporate job thing; Advertising Director
After seven years, truly hated working for someone else.

-Went the Fine Art route, becoming an oil painter.
You know the “starving artist” gig – even with success of Juried shows and aspen galleries, the industry is feast or famine due to sporadic sales, and economy. Still here.

-Went the Licensing route in Art
More steady sales than Fine Art, but a long process to get rolling. The bigger the client (Target, Pier1, etc.) – the longer the wait. So, create for the sake of having fun with it – monetary reward comes late in the game. It also follows the Fine Art economy…when that world is suffering, this one is. Still here.