It is no secret that Facebook is now one of the dominant media when it comes to marketing your business. Over 40 million companies nowadays are taking advantage of the power of social network to promote their brands. Thankfully, Facebook allows businesses to create pages, invite communities to events, advertise and engage customers. This will work well in addition to a campaign in search engine marketing in Rochester, NY, especially if a seasoned digital marketing leader Jason Berkowitz SEO is helping you in the process.

Customer engagement in FacebookIf you haven’t tried it and you are contemplating on utilizing Facebook to grow your online business, then these tips might just be useful to you:

1. Engage your network and be creative with your responses

Once someone took the time to comment on your page, he or she is a potential customer, and you have to take hold of that opportunity to engage that person. Respond quickly and creatively, so the potential client will feel that you are doing serious business. It would be better to assign someone to monitor FB posts and comments and to be the one to reply to queries and comments on your Facebook page personally. That way, it won’t take too much time for them to wait for your response and the possible business transaction will happen faster.

2. Take advantage of cost-efficient advertising and marketing perks

Facebook allows you to post ads for a minimum amount or even post marketing and promotional announcements for free. Consumers often change their minds when after visiting a particular website and decided to put off buying a particular item and then went on to visit Facebook and saw the same ad. It will make them think about buying it since it’s posted on Facebook as well.

3. Avoid selling

Avoid OversellingFacebook is meant to engage your consumers and clients. Don’t oversell your products here as your clients and potential customers might find it off if you do so. There are other avenues for selling and other social networking sites to do the selling such as Instagram. Not on Facebook. Make your Facebook page a medium for your customers to get to know any announcements or update about your product or company and engage your community. You can also use Facebook to post informative articles related to the industry of your brand or create polls and surveys amongst your followers. Just make sure that your primary goal in Facebook is to develop genuine communication with your audience.

4. Inform your community about your philanthropic efforts

Invite and encourage them to participate in it. Partner with various foundations and ask your followers to partner with you. But make sure that you don’t come on as too pushy to do it. Just make it natural and genuine. Encourage them to join the cause by sharing the posts to spread the word as well.