By age nine, Deborah knew art was her calling. A bit humorous, her science teachers were always giving her assignments, such as drawing dinosaurs or portraits of Benjamin Franklin. They were hung up as art pictures on the walls, always with extra credit, lol. Art and English were always the excelled subjects, the rest – a struggle. By senior year in high school, she earned a collection of exceptional merit awards for fine art, decorating the genre with ribbons at annual shows. Her emergence as a contemporary artist comes from a very unique history originating from the film production world combined with photography.

deborah petersShe received her degree in Computer Animation early on graduating with honors. She was the first graduate from the The Art Institute to join 20th Century Fox Animation Studios. Her dedicated work ethic promoted her into the Continuity Dept. There she worked with producer Gary Goldman and director Don Bluth, exposed to the facets of production while updating storyboards. It was here she saw how an entire story could be captured in a cropped single frame. Fascinated with 3D elements and camera still, she contributed many long additional hours to the 3D department, creating models that would later be on film earning her 2 film credits from the studio.

Desiring some independent freedom, Deborah has gone back to her traditional roots in acrylic and oil painting, now seasoned with a cinematic eye for story, emotion and composition. The camera is her first love and foundation for everything, (it always was) and she furthered study in photography. All the art comes down to “showing the story”. Close ups, exciting colors and cropped compositions; what doesn’t enhance the story gets edited out of the picture. An Avant Guard angle. It’s just that simple; if the subject and story are alive in her art pictures, then proper credit is given to the Creator, “Master Artist of it all” who extended a gift to her eye & hand.

A “gift” which survives through discipline, hard work & resilience. She pulls inspiration from symbolism, modern art, contemporary art, music, film, photography, great design & simplicity. “The more I look outside the margin of Oil Painting, the more inventive I become as an artist. I’m intrigued by the less is more approach”. Her favorite subjects include Equestrian, and Big Cat felines. Deborah has now taken her place among Oil Painters of America, the leader dedicated to the Preservation of Representational Art and her work is collected nationally.

What sets Deborah apart from the others, is her animals are alive! – Gunther R.

She says in paint what they cannot say for themselves.” – Jeff K., Big Cat Rescue